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The balance of power

F1 engine and team partnerships for 2014 and beyond

Sidepodcast: The balance of power

by Christine

The 2014 regulations were specifically written to create a new challenge for engine suppliers and tempt some of the names we recently saw exit stage left to return. We're seeing engine manufacturers reignite their interest in the sport after spotting attractive environmental and financial elements, adding new names to the list of potential suppliers. With a wealth of choice, teams are now weighing up their contracts closely, and there has been a lot of change on the grid in terms of who's supplying whom.

Tech Spec – Go go gadget DDRS

How Lotus have added to their Drag Reduction System

Sidepodcast: Tech Spec – Go go gadget DDRS

by Will Davies

Ever since the Chinese Grand Prix, where Mercedes got the official ruling that their Double-DRS was legal, teams have been contemplating whether they could copy it, develop their own versions, or use similar loopholes to come up with unrelated and possibly more advantageous contraptions; or whether it was even worth spending the time / money / resources attempting it.

Why can't they make racing cars work in the rain?

Formula One drivers struggle in the wet conditions

Sidepodcast: Why can't they make racing cars work in the rain?

by Stuart Taylor

In the last couple of Sidepodcast Debrief shows, Mr C has made a point of asking why can’t engineers/regulators make cars that work in the rain when he can drive his car perfectly fine when storms are a-brewing? Whether or not Mr C was just being cheeky, this is a probably a good time to explore the mechanics of the difficulties in racing in the rain. There will be some maths and a little bit of physics, but I’ll keep it light and we’ll all get through this together, I promise!

Cosworth, Xtrac and Ricardo

A look at standardised technologies for 2010

Sidepodcast: Cosworth, Xtrac and Ricardo

by Mr. C

This morning Max Mosley sent a letter to F1 teams detailing the FIA's plans for standardised parts in 2010. The communication contained lots of telling information as to what direction the sport will be taking in the future. Given that the FIA finally managed to show us some transparency in this area, it's worth digging into what was specified.

SECU very much

Testing the standard electronic control units

Sidepodcast: SECU very much

by Mr. C

Just over a week ago Christine pointed out on F1 Minute that revised safety car procedures would be tested out during the French Grand Prix weekend. Details were sketchy at the time, although she did say that it would likely involve the use of the standard ECU.