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The woeful ways of Williams

Can the team turn their Formula One performance around?

Sidepodcast: The woeful ways of Williams

by Lukeh

You may not have noticed this, but I am a Rubens Barrichello fan. I never mention it apart from... well, always. This obvious statement has a point though. You see, over the years Rubens has been part of some big teams, and also Jordan too. Sorry Eddie. The biggest name, so to speak, in the sport in terms of teams would be Ferrari, and we all know about some of the times spent behind Michael at the team, but I feel that if you asked Rubens what team he has always looked up to and wanted to be a part of it would be Williams.

Are Force India slowly coming apart at the seams?

Driver problems, factory issues and chaos at the midfield team

Sidepodcast: Are Force India slowly coming apart at the seams?

by Christine

Force India confirmed their new lineup today, and Tonio Liuzzi was noticeably absent from the list. Whether you're a fan of the driver or not, you can't escape the fact that he has been pushed aside at the expense of an already signed contract. Towards the end of 2010, Tonio was talking about his future prospects and was confident he would be racing with his team this year.

Williams F1 consider stock flotation for future stability

A new approach to raising funds on the Formula One grid

Sidepodcast: Williams F1 consider stock flotation for future stability

by Christine

Williams F1 have released a statement today confirming that they are investigating the possibility of floating the company on the stock market. There have been no final decisions made, but conversations are taking place between co-owners Frank Williams, Patrick Head and Toto Wolff. If it did come to pass, the move would be in a bid to secure the future of the team, something that has consistently been speculated on for the past few years.

Bob Bell leaves Renault (and Kimi says no)

Changes at the Enstone team, as Räikkönen hits out

Sidepodcast: Bob Bell leaves Renault (and Kimi says no)

by Christine

Renault have decided to take the place of Lotus as hoarders of the headlines today, with the announcement that Managing Director Bob Bell has left the team, and Eric Boullier will be taking his place with immediate effect. There's no reason given as to why this has happened so suddenly, but it seems to have been something that was always in the goal, as Genii boss Gérard Lopez refers to this year as a "transitionary" one.