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2009 Bathurst 1000

Endurance racing with the V8 Supercars

Sidepodcast: 2009 Bathurst 1000

by Jeremy

Mt Panorama, Bathurst. New South Wales. A few hours drive west of Sydney, this 6. 2 km track with the almost 2 km long ‘Conrod’ straight, is known worldwide. The cars take roughly 6 hours to cover 161 laps. For touring cars, (’V8 Supercars’ in Australia) this is a long race.

Petit Le Mans 2008

Remind me, who's driving again?

Sidepodcast: Petit Le Mans 2008

by Mr. C

It appears to be tradition in America to do things bigger and better than anyone else. Except apparently in the case of Petit le Mans, which by all accounts is a shorter and less important version of the race from which it takes it's name.