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Sidepodcast Hangout - Seeing the wood through the trees

If you could pick any view, which would it be?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Seeing the wood through the trees

by Christine

It's been a while since we hung out, I'm looking forward to it! I had a great idea for this week's hangout question, but unfortunately it occurred to me in the middle of the night and then escaped my brain before I could make a note of it. Instead, I found myself a source of weird and wonderful questions which I will torment you with over the next few weeks. This time, we have this: "If you could have any view visible from your bed, what would it be?"

Sidepodcast Hangout - Surprising turn of events

What uncertain decisions have you made that turned out better than expected?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Surprising turn of events

by Christine

It may have escaped your notice, but this week there was some news about a driver switching to a new team - a move which most people have declared as unwise. We all thought this before, when Button made his surprising career move, but that turned out okay. Have you ever done something worrying, made a decision you thought would be bad, or been to an event you were dreading, only for it to turn out better than expected, maybe even fabulous?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Happy hobbies

What hobby have you recently taken up or become obsessed with?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Happy hobbies

by Christine

I've recently become completely obsessed with baking, after watching a silly programme where they bake quite a lot. I've dabbled in the kitchen a little before but this seems to have gone over the top, to the point where I even bought baking beans! So, the question is, what hobby have you taken up recently, what have you become obsessed with, or even what hobby would you like to take up in the near future? The world is our oyster (do you bake those?), let's do hobbytastic things with it!

Sidepodcast Hangout - It's all relative

Has your family ever embarrassed you on the internet?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - It's all relative

by Christine

This week, Karun Chandhok's awesome mother returned to the Twitter universe, after nearly a year away from the social network. She has readily admitted that she may be embarrassing Karun, as both his parents are on the microblog and chatting away to each other. So, the question is, are your family on Twitter or other? Have they embarrassed you in a way only family members can? And more importantly, if you are a parent, are you planning on embarrassing your child on the internets?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Grand ambitions

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Grand ambitions

by Christine

This week in the UK, many students eagerly anticipated and received their A Level results - prompting decisions about universities and future career paths. That clearly leads us onto the question, what did you want to be when you grew up? Astronaut or bus driver, we all had those dreams of being something when we didn't really know what it meant. What was yours, and what changed your mind in the end? Or are you living that dream?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Mostly As

What's your typing speed? (And other online tests)

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Mostly As

by Christine

This week, we were fondly reminded of the time we all took an online typing test. Mr C was staggered by my quite impressive words per minute, but Amy was even faster than I was. The Hangout question this week, then, is firstly, what is your typing speed, and secondly, are there any other online tests you've taken that are either ridiculous or useful, or anywhere in between? And do you take any of the results seriously?

Sidepodcast Hangout - It's a small world after all

What small world moments have you had?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - It's a small world after all

by Christine

This week, Mr C had a "small world" moment when he discovered that friend-of-Sidepodcast Chris had just started working for the fabulous BadgerGP. As Badger said: "New starter at the job in my team - an ‪#F1‬ nut so asked if knew of @BadgerGP, sadly not, but he's a fan of @sidepodcast so I've let him off." So, what small world moments have you had? Moments where you have to stop and think that there is a little bit of mischief going on just to boggle your marbles!

Sidepodcast Hangout - Trailer talk

What's your most recent movie recommendation?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Trailer talk

by Christine

It's been a mammoth weekend for live commenting so far, but there's always room for a little bit more. Mr C and I had a spate of watching lots of films a while ago, but just recently we've been caught up doing other things, and what is out now and coming up has passed us by a little bit. What have you watched recently that you recommend? What are you looking forward to? What have you seen of late that you wouldn't recommend?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Don't worry, be happy

What has made you smile this week?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Don't worry, be happy

by Christine

It's been a rough couple of weeks at Sidepodcast HQ, but we are emerging from the other side of it now - bigger, tougher, stronger, all the usual clichés. When things are a bit tricky, it's always nice to sit and take stock of the smaller things that make you smile. Thus the question for this weekend - what has made you smile recently? I had to resort to Baby Panda Thursday, and they always make me smile... plus finding Twitter accounts of nothing but quotes from Friends. Perfect.

Sidepodcast Hangout - Simply the best

If you could be number one in the world at anything, what would it be?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Simply the best

by Christine

This week, I've stolen a line from the children's TV show Blue Peter. They occasionally do live questions and take responses from the viewers, just to prove they are live, I think. A couple of week's ago, the question was this: If you could be number one in the world at anything, what would it be? It can be sports, but doesn't have to be. I think I would like to be number one in the world at baking bread. I'm not very good at it, but I'd like to be better. And maybe eating it too. How about you?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Sporting prowess

How have your sporting tastes changed?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Sporting prowess

by Christine

Recently, it came up in conversation that we used to think we'd never watch football. These days, we are less averse to the sports that involves balls rather than wheels. In just a few short years, our sporting tastes have changed quite considerably, and we're much more open to watching something new, rather than sticking to something tried and tested. Have your sporting tastes changed over the years? Do you like things now you didn't used to, or vice versa? Are there any sports you'd like to get to know better?

Sidepodcast Hangout - Bridging the gap

How are you filling your three week F1 race break?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodcast Hangout - Bridging the gap

by Christine

We're trialling a new concept today, the Sidepodcast Hangout, where you can come and chat about F1 and more. Our first hangout appears on an off-race weekend and will be live for exactly three hours. The F1 calendar seems to be taking an odd shape this year, with bursts of action interrupted by lengthy breaks. This time we have the introduction of mid-season testing to whet our motorsport appetites, but what else are you doing to fill the gap? Holidays, much needed time with the family, catching up with other sports, or spending time chatting with likeminded fans on the web?