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Alternatives to F1 in 2012

How can we get around Sky's expensive broadcast package

Sidepodcast: Alternatives to F1 in 2012

by Stuart Taylor

Hey guys, did you hear that Sky have stolen our beloved F1? So now, if you don't have Sky Sports, you have to pay £20 (£30 HD) a month to keep up with the sport we know and love. I say, boo to that! I can't afford that kind of cash and neither can a bunch of you guys, I'd wager. But the Sidepodcast community is so awesome, we can't just let disband, so here are some other ideas.

Bernie Ecclestone is not a humorologist

Three incidents that demonstrate an inability to make jokes

Sidepodcast: Bernie Ecclestone is not a humorologist

by Bridget Schuil

Bernie Ecclestone is not a humorologist (a practitioner of humorology). Our Great Leader is a prime example of someone low on the HiQ (humour intelligence quotient) scale. While we have no doubt that his IQ is high, Mr. Ecclestone's ability to make jokes (and endure being the butt of them) is woefully lacking. This is demonstrated by many incidents, but I will only enter into discussion of three to save time.

Christmas in the paddock - The perfect presents

Handing out festive gifts to our Formula One favourites

Sidepodcast: Christmas in the paddock - The perfect presents

by Lukeh

You may not have noticed this so I think it would be best to make sure we all know - Christmas is coming. Just a few weeks are left to buy our friends and families what they want for Christmas as well as dodgy sweaters, selection boxes and the normal Christmas line up of dodgy goods. This Christmas though, don't just think about your family when you're tucking into that yummy Christmas lunch or getting drunk whilst a disaster occurs on Eastenders - think about Formula 1 drivers.

F1 predictions, Hockenheim

Picking out the patterns from the Formula One weekend

Sidepodcast: F1 predictions, Hockenheim

by Stuart Taylor

The beginning of the 2010 season began in much the same way as 2009: with a lot of changes and everyone unsure of which way the tides would turn. This year we were given the mouth-watering prospect of having most of the strongest drivers in the strongest teams, which made it even more predictable as we’d never seen so many people in the simultaneous position to win races and championships.

Old man and me

It's a bad start to Michael Schumacher's big comeback

Sidepodcast: Old man and me

by Mr. C

Hypothetically speaking, imagine there were a seven times Formula 1 World Champion, who despite a career marred by controversy, opted to bow out at the top of his game. Imagine also, that in doing so he earned the respect of even his strongest critics, and that during his last appearance managed pull off the move of the race, putting a number on his replacement in the process.

We Heart Lukeh

Photoshop wizardry at its finest

Sidepodcast: We Heart Lukeh

by Christine

Our Sidepodcommunity have many talents amongst them and we do like to showcase these whenever we can. Lukeh for example is a whizz on Photoshop and if anyone has a thought about something that would make a good photo, just a word or two in the right direction and he's the man who can sort it out.

A song for Felipe Baby

Paying tribute to the Brazilian driver in his time of need

Sidepodcast: A song for Felipe Baby

by Christine

Massa hasn't really had an easy time of it recently. Following on from his strong, but disappointing, finish to 2008, the Ferrari hasn't really been up to scratch. It's understandable that the drivers confidence might not be as sky high as you would expect but just lately, they seem to have been very downbeat about this whole racing business.