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Off the grid

Pushing the boat out to change F1 for the better

Sidepodcast: Off the grid

by Lukeh

As we know Formula 1 is going through somewhat of an identity crisis right now in how it views qualifying. We seem to be stuck in an endless loop of a nothingness orchestra being composed by a cacophony of idiots at the very top, and unsurprisingly that is becoming tiresome for the fans such as ourselves to watch.

Nostradamus was an F1 fan

Crystal balling

Sidepodcast: Nostradamus was an F1 fan

by Lukeh

As Formula 1 fans we are all privy to a bit of controversy that is always created by the many chefs spoiling the broth. It's a common occurrence and it feels very rare to have a season where some kind of scandal or outrage or downright disaster is taking place that will no doubt end up in journalists using every hyperbole under the sun. I mean, Formula 1 has been on the brink of apocalypse so many times that Bruce Willis has now blocked the paddock's many numbers on his phone. So I feel that it's only fair that we prepare ourselves by predicting what disasters we shall encounter in 2016.

Formula One 2015 Season - Before it happens!

Be the first to know how the coming season pans out

Sidepodcast: Formula One 2015 Season - Before it happens!

by Stuart Taylor

We’re all looking forward to the new Formula One season and can’t wait to see what excitement it will bring. But for those of you who just can’t wait any longer to see how it’ll play out - you’re in luck! I just so happened to be vacationing to Hill Valley and spotted a time-travelling, flying DeLorean. I know! Weird, right? I may have borrowed it and skipped ahead in time a little to report back on exactly how the 2015 season unfolds.

Christmas in the Paddock - 2012 edition

What presents will our F1 favourites be giving each other this festive season?

Sidepodcast: Christmas in the Paddock - 2012 edition

by Lukeh

Ho ho ho! It's that Christmassy time of the year again where we all spend a silly amount all in the name of festive joy and sock disappointment, it's Christmas time folks! As always I'm here to share with you what I feel our heroes and villains of the paddock will be giving each other this Christmas time. Without further ado, with a brief festive pantomime to get us going, let's see what presents the paddock has in store this year!

Sid Watkins

Paying tribute to the Professor

Sidepodcast: Sid Watkins

by Stuart Taylor

The Formula One world said goodbye to a much-loved and influential member of the fraternity, with Sid Watkins passing away at the age of 84. Here, Stuart returns to share the inside story of the best way to pay tribute to everyone's favourite Prof.

A Tolkien fan guide to the F1 2012 grid

A different kind of F1 who's who

Sidepodcast: A Tolkien fan guide to the F1 2012 grid

by Bridget Schuil

In the far South, near the ocean, twenty-four warriors are preparing for war. The fighting men have been dedicatedly preparing for this day all winter, or at least since the aftermath of Christmas. They have beaten their bodies into submission to reach the peak of physical fitness. Having glimpsed their equipment’s capacity - both strengths and flaws - they will enter the fray come daybreak. Each warrior and his support crew share a common goal: to win. However, only one can be champion. The smallest error or mechanical failure could leave them broken on the battlefield; if they haven’t rectified all the faults in their equipment, Fate will reward their enemies.

Pre-Australia updates: Sneak preview!

Our undercover reporter has found some unique team designs

Sidepodcast: Pre-Australia updates: Sneak preview!

by Stuart Taylor

So the 2012 pre-season test frenzy is over and we've all had a good look at the new cars. But if you think the cars we saw in Barcelona will be the same models we see at the first race in Melbourne, then you are naive indeed! In fact, the teams are all working endlessly back at the factories to manufacture the final development parts in order to have the best possible chassis for the season ahead.

Christmas in the paddock - 2011 edition

The annual gift-giving tribute to our favourite Formula One faces

Sidepodcast: Christmas in the paddock - 2011 edition

by Lukeh

Last year I compiled my list of ideas as to what the perfect paddock presents would be in Formula 1 and, well, it only seemed fair to give it a go again this time round as it turns out this Christmas lark seems to come around every year. We’ve been treated to a dominating performance from a certain young Vettel over 2011 and I’m sure he’s already got all the presents in the world but there’s got to be more, right? Christmas is a time to celebrate, to spend time with the ones you love, to watch Doctor Who and of course get awfully confused why you have a present that your uncle bought you last year too. It’s been a long season for many, so let’s all sit around the log fire and open the paddock presents...