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Rate the race - Abu Dhabi 2014

The final voting opportunity for this year's F1 season

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Abu Dhabi 2014

by Christine

There was a lot of pressure on the Yas Marina circuit to deliver an exciting season finale, particularly as there was a championship hanging in the balance. The race had a couple of lead changes, some varying pit strategies and a handful of spectacular reliability issues, but did it all add up to a great race? Now's the chance to cast your vote and let us know!

Rate the race - United States 2014

How did the action at the Circuit of the Americas grab you?

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - United States 2014

by Christine

The Russian race left us on something of a downer, with the average rating struggling to get above the 1 star mark. I try not to sway the voting, but I reckon this weekend we might see something a little bit higher than that. The US Grand Prix is always hotly anticipated, and the COTA track tends to offer up some interesting racing, but that's for you to decide - how do you rate the 2014 edition of the race?

Rate the race - Russia 2014

Your chance to vote on the first running at the Sochi Autodrom

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Russia 2014

by Christine

How did you find the racing in Russia this past weekend? Now is the time to let us know by casting your vote below. If it was a fantastic weekend's running, well organised and producing one of the classic events, you'll want to go five stars. If, as is more likely the case, you found it to be slightly under par, then something slightly lower than that might be more appropriate. Have your say now!

Rate the race - Japan 2014

Voting on the supremely difficult weekend at Suzuka

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Japan 2014

by Christine

Naturally, it's a difficult week to think about passing judgement on the racing action from Japan. All thoughts remain with Jules Bianchi and his family at this terrible time. And yet, there was a race last weekend, and for consistency, rating the race follows. If you feel up to it, have your say now on how the Japanese Grand Prix compared to the events that have come before it.

Rate the race - Singapore 2014

Have your say on the key elements of the racing action

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Singapore 2014

by Christine

This is the time to stand proud and cast your vote - how did the Singapore Grand Prix rate compared to the rest of the season? I think it's safe to say it wasn't a classic, without particularly swaying your opinion one way or the other. Street circuits don't always deliver and this was one of those. But there was plenty to behold, and here you can vote if it still caught your interest.

Rate the race - Italy 2014

Who gets your driver of the day vote from Monza?

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Italy 2014

by Christine

There's a lot of passion at the Monza track, from the fans, the media and the teams getting to race around the classic track. Although it was clear that Mercedes (both works team and engine customers) would dominate, there was still a lot to behold as the thirteenth round of the season was completed. Here's your chance to rate the race itself, a couple of specific items, and pick your drivers of the day.

Rate the race - Hungary 2014

Have your say on the things that matter from the Hungaroring

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Hungary 2014

by Christine

I've spent most of the build up to this race tempering my hopes of a good race weekend, as the Hungaroring has often failed to deliver in the past. I can't influence whether you enjoyed the racing action this weekend, but I'm definitely sure that it delivered something we rarely see in Hungary, and something that will likely tide us over the summer break drought of F1 racing. Now's your chance to show where you think the race stacks up on the 2014 roster.

Rate the race - China 2014

Pick your driver of the day, and hand out stars for the racing action

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - China 2014

by Christine

It's that time once again, your chance to deliver the verdict on the race just gone. This time, the Chinese Grand Prix stands up for scrutiny, after what was an interesting, if not classic weekend. Coming straight after what was a surprisingly good Bahrain race, China had its work cut out for it. The race was the final one before a brief rest and then return to Europe for the next leg of the season, but did it tide us over nicely? Cast your vote now.

Rate the race - Bahrain 2014

Make your vote count as you pick out the driver of the day

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Bahrain 2014

by Christine

It's judgement time once more, as the opportunity to vote on a handful of items from the race weekend appears. The Bahrain Grand Prix was something of a surprise, giving us an interesting race, some fascinating penalties and plenty to talk about in the fortnight before China. This is your chance to vote on the race itself, on the tyres and on the time of day, as well as selecting the driver you think did the best job on Sunday.

Rate the race - Australia 2014

Cast your vote on the first-round action from Melbourne

Sidepodcast: Rate the race - Australia 2014

by Christine

The first race of the 2014 season was eagerly anticipated. All the changes were finally coming together and we'd see just what impact they'd have - for teams, and for us as viewers. The Australian event is usually chaotic anyway, and this year was no different, but the real question is, was the race any good? Here's your chance to vote on the race and a handful of other topics from the weekend in Melbourne.