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Germany 2012 - Ferrari claim 2012 hat trick at Hockenheim

Alonso's third victory shows pace that Ferrari continue to doubt

Sidepodcast: Germany 2012 - Ferrari claim 2012 hat trick at Hockenheim

by Christine

The German Grand Prix had the potential to provide a mixed up race, after penalties and wet weather played havoc with the qualifying results. However, come race day, it wasn’t all surprising but still fascinating as the strategies unfolded and the winner was decided. Fernando Alonso secured his third win of the year, and so it is with him, and Ferrari, that we shall begin.

Timo Glock to miss European Grand Prix

Marussia face a one-driver race as Glock battles a stomach bug

Sidepodcast: Timo Glock to miss European Grand Prix

by Christine

It's a bad day for Timo Glock, and Marussia, as it has been confirmed that the German driver will have to miss the race in Valencia as he has a serious stomach bug. His appearance over the weekend had been in doubt after limited participation in the practice sessions, and sitting out qualifying altogether, but we had hoped he'd be feeling better for the race. The FIA stewards had said he would be allowed to race despite not qualifying, if he was feeling better, but it was not to be.

Hamilton's trials and tribulations finally pay off

Lewis stakes his claim as driver of the day for the Canadian Grand Prix

Sidepodcast: Hamilton's trials and tribulations finally pay off

by Adam Barton

So as the F1 circus leaves Canada after another fantastic Grand Prix, giving us a new record of seven different winners in seven races, no one is happier than Lewis Hamilton as he secured his third Canadian GP win. This season gets better and better as we travel around the world, still with no idea of who will be competitive when the teams rock up at the start of the race weekend.

The measure of his much touted teammate

Despite appearances, there were some impressive performances in Monaco

Sidepodcast: The measure of his much touted teammate

by Adam Barton

After we were treated to a traditional Monaco Grand Prix with all the hype in the build-up and lack of actual track action, it is difficult to see who really got the maximum out of their car. The usual frustrations of Monaco were compounded by two factors: it seems it is the only track where there is no cliff edge for the tyres (although this is almost certainly due to the huge advantage of track position) and the weather front that conveniently arrived mere minutes after proceedings had finished. It's a shame that Monaco is such a big advert for Formula One as the scenario needs to be perfect for it to excite the viewer.

The rough with the smooth

Which driver made the best of a difficult weekend to kickstart their European season?

Sidepodcast: The rough with the smooth

by Adam Barton

So another race, another winner. This season is turning into an incredible one and despite the calls that Barcelona would sort out who had the genuine pace we are still no nearer to being able to accurately predicting this year's world champion. So who stood out? Who outperformed their technology on Sunday? Anyone fancy saying 'pay driver' and Pastor Maldonado in the same sentence? Whoever does is very brave and suddenly looks very deluded.

Team error costs Hamilton pole position in Barcelona

Pastor Maldonado inherits debut pole as Lewis Hamilton is penalised

Sidepodcast: Team error costs Hamilton pole position in Barcelona

by Christine

Qualifying in Spain today offered up enough of a surprise when Pastor Maldonado was fast throughout, and found the pace to finish on the front row of the grid. Lewis Hamilton was in pole position, with a time half a second faster than that of Maldonado's Williams beside him. However, the surprise took another twist several hours later, when the stewards stripped Hamilton of his time, promoting Maldonado up to pole position.

Di Resta to the fore

Driver of the day discussion for the Bahrain GP

Sidepodcast: Di Resta to the fore

by Adam Barton

This season there have been many good drives. Sergio Pérez and Fernando Alonso at Malaysia spring to mind, not to mention Nico Rosberg last time out in China. In Bahrain it was just as unpredictable, as this F1 season continues to amaze and astound with surprise results. The field is so open, after four races, eight drivers have stood on the podium and 18 have scored points: Felipe Massa finally adding himself to this list, but not reducing the pressure on him going into the European season.

2nd to 14th in two laps - the tumultuous second half of the Chinese GP

Analysis of just what happened in those all-important final laps

Sidepodcast: 2nd to 14th in two laps - the tumultuous second half of the Chinese GP

by Christine

This year, I'm trying my best to keep on top of all the action in the races. My post race team by team updates are a great help, and the Factbyte Factbox provides lap by lap coverage which I can look back on when required. Sometimes, a race is just so frantic that it's hard to follow and the Chinese Grand Prix was one of those! The second half of the race was so action packed with the top ten cars (minus Nico) separated by just twenty seconds.

Nico Rosberg takes first pole after more than 100 attempts

No longer in the statistics for a driver without a pole position

Sidepodcast: Nico Rosberg takes first pole after more than 100 attempts

by Christine

Nico Rosberg took a storming pole position today, securing his first P1 grid slot since he joined Formula One in 2006. Mercedes have shown great pace in qualifying so far this season, and it seemed as though it would only be a matter of time before one of the two drivers managed to top the times on Saturday, when it matters. Michael Schumacher led a practice session in China this weekend, but it was his teammate that posted the fastest time during the top ten shootout in qualifying - by a significant margin.

Who's out of order in Abu Dhabi?

Teammates qualify next to each other at Yas Marina

Sidepodcast: Who's out of order in Abu Dhabi?

by Christine

Qualifying in Abu Dhabi today showed that Yas Marina is one of those circuits that favours the car rather than the driver. The top ten shootout featured five complete teams, with both drivers from each making their way into the final session of qualifying. When the results were done and dusted, teammates found themselves lined up next to each other... all except one.