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Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

Back to Baku for another twisting street circuit event

Sidepodcast: Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

by Christine

Much of the attention in recent days has been on the FIA's calendar announcement for next season, with a bumper schedule groaning at the seams. Before we get there, though, we've got the small matter of the rest of this year to finish. For the 2017 race, Baku has become the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, rather than the European race as it was last year. The street circuit didn't have the best of debuts so here's hoping there is more coming from the race this weekend.

The night race manager

A new motorsport simulation for desktop gamers

Sidepodcast: The night race manager

by Lukeh

When it comes to running an F1 team I imagine that there's quite a lot to do. First there's getting an engine to actually power your cars, and not to forget the hundreds of people that work on said engine and chassis to make them work as well as possible. There are sponsors to appease too and plenty to do with promotional work to get that sweet money in. Don't forget the babysitting of drivers too, and even more so now with social media being so important to get the fan's conspiracy theories across. Wait - the catering too! How could I possible forget about the catering?

GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

IZOD IndyCar Series 2013

Sidepodcast: GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

by Lukeh

It's a Ganassi front row at Sonoma tonight as Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon lead the field into our next IndyCar race for the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma. It's been two weeks since our last race and with F1 also coming back, it should be an excellent end to a good day of motorsport. Sonoma has provided some entertaining races in the last few years here for Indy Car so let's hope we get another one tonight as we look towards the final few races of the Indy Car season!

The one where Joey met Kimi

Lotus' pre-launch preview with twist

Sidepodcast: The one where Joey met Kimi

by Christine

Kimi Räikkönen became famous last season for his excellent radio traffic, never giving an inch to the team who were trying to help him through a Grand Prix. This Finn likes to do things his own way, and thus, a new catchphrase was born. If t-shirts and hoodies weren't enough, what better way to continue the sensation than to get a Friends star involved?

An unforgettable guide to the Circuit of the Americas

You've never seen a track guide like this before!

Sidepodcast: An unforgettable guide to the Circuit of the Americas

by Christine

In previous years, Sidepodcast has played host to many different types of track guides - some we have presented ourselves, some have had Mark Webber in the simulator, but we've never had anything quite like this. With the Circuit of the Americas a brand new venue on the 2012 calendar, there can never be too many track guides as we try and learn the twists and turns of the layout.

Grand Prix from Singapore

Formula 1 World Championship 2012

Sidepodcast: Grand Prix from Singapore

by Christine

We've got Lewis Hamilton on pole position, Pastor Maldonado lined up alongside him, and a lot of determined drivers behind. This could be a fascinating race - or it might not be, as overtaking is notoriously difficult around the streets of Singapore. The lights will shine down on two hours of racing in one of the longest and hardest events of the year, and it will be up to Fernando Alonso to keep a grip on his title lead, as many try to close up the gaps in the championship fight.

Romain Grosjean handed one race ban after first lap crash in Spa

The Lotus drivers penalty seems just, but is it fair he is the only one?

Sidepodcast: Romain Grosjean handed one race ban after first lap crash in Spa

by Christine

A few weeks ago in Feet Up Friday, I pondered whether Romain Grosjean was a little bit like Pastor Maldonado, having caused a few crashes that have impacted on other drivers. At the time, I concluded that at least his were crashes of inexperience rather than recklessness, and he was willing to accept blame afterwards - whereas a certain Williams driver would not.