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Race information - Brazil 2016

It's time to party at the popular Interlagos circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Brazil 2016

by Christine

There are two races left on the 2016 F1 calendar, but I'd wager that this is the one that most people are looking forward to more than any other. The championship is still up for grabs, we've got interesting team dynamics as driver contract decisions are starting to be made, and of course, we're at the wonderful Interlagos circuit in Brazil. The location always provides a fantastic atmosphere and rarely skimps on racing action, so this should be a weekend to remember!

Race information - Mexico 2016

The championship fight moves on to Mexico!

Sidepodcast: Race information - Mexico 2016

by Christine

It's been a long season so far, with many twists and turns along the way, but I'm still surprised to find that we're at the point where there are only three races left. This time, Formula One moves on to Mexico City, with the championship battle still raging, drivers still desperate to prove points to their current or new teams, and plenty of fans ready and waiting to cheer on their home favourites. Roll on the weekend!

Race information - United States 2016

F1 crosses the pond for the popular Austin event

Sidepodcast: Race information - United States 2016

by Christine

For a relatively new entry to the Formula One calendar, the US Grand Prix has bucked the trend and provided some pretty good racing over the last couple of seasons. However, last year was something of a washout, with qualifying delayed until just a few hours before the race itself! This year, all fingers are crossed that we can have a sensible weekend, as there's enough going on in the sport to be concentrating on without the weather intervening to that degree.

Race information - Japan 2016

All you need to know about the racing in Suzuka

Sidepodcast: Race information - Japan 2016

by Christine

Less than a week after Daniel Ricciardo took a surprise victory in Malaysia, we're gearing up for the Japanese Grand Prix, with Suzuka set to play host to the latest round in the F1 2016 World Championship. The end of the season is drawing ever closer but we still have a lot of racing to squeeze in between now and then. Thankfully, Japan often offers up some great racing, although it's an event that has been mired by bad weather in the past.

Race information - Malaysia 2016

The hot and humid race moves to the later end of the calendar

Sidepodcast: Race information - Malaysia 2016

by Christine

It feels odd to start thinking about the Malaysian Grand Prix at this late stage in the championship. Previously a mainstay in the early rounds of any given season, Sepang has taken up hosting duties in September/October this year, although expectations are still that weather will play a big part in the race weekend. The title battle is still raging between the two Mercedes drivers, and there's plenty to play for in the midfield, so this could be a fascinating weekend.

Race information - Singapore 2016

Prepare yourself for the lengthy night race at Marina Bay

Sidepodcast: Race information - Singapore 2016

by Christine

From the moment qualifying finished, it was clear the Italian Grand Prix wasn't going to deliver a classic, and that's exactly how it played out. The only thing it did do for us for the 2016 season is close up the championship even further. Given the close fight at the top, and the fact all eyes are on Singapore to provide some entertainment to boost us at this late point in the season, the real question that matters this weekend is whether Mercedes have found some performance around the difficult Marina Bay circuit.

Race information - Italy 2016

Ferrari's home race gets set for an F1 showdown

Sidepodcast: Race information - Italy 2016

by Christine

Formula One kicked off in big style after the summer break hiatus - but perhaps not in the way we might have imagined. Hamilton did some serious damage control in Belgium to stay in the lead of the championship but Rosberg closed the gap. Magnussen suffered a huge crash, whilst Max Verstappen turned heads every which way, and Pirelli came under fire yet again. Just one short week later and we're back racing at the fast and furious Monza, where Ferrari will be cheered to the bitter end by the passionate fans flooding the track.

Race information - Belgium 2016

The summer break ends with the spectacular Spa

Sidepodcast: Race information - Belgium 2016

by Christine

The summer break was a much-needed respite from the manic action of back to back races, but we're ready to get going again now with more of the same. The fabulous Spa-Francorchamps is first on the post-break list, giving our drivers plenty to think about as they get back in gear. The battle at the top of the championships is heating up and there is everything to play for as we head into the more important stages of a season of competition.

Race information - Germany 2016

Hockenheim plays host to the last race before the summer break

Sidepodcast: Race information - Germany 2016

by Christine

The summer break is just around the corner but before we get there we've got one more event to bring this bumper section of calendar to a conclusion. With five races in six weeks, it's no surprise that everyone in F1 is tired and could do with a rest, but there's no chance of that this weekend with the challenge of Hockenheim rearing up ahead of them. There was no German Grand Prix last year, so it's a chance for the German fans to get up close and personal with F1 2016.

Race information - Hungary 2016

Preview the action-packed weekend in Budapest

Sidepodcast: Race information - Hungary 2016

by Christine

In the midst of this bumper section of the 2016 calendar, it feels odd to have had a two-week gap to play with ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, the sport is back this weekend and all the drivers are ready to get stuck in to make the most of the two races they have left before the summer break. It's all to play for at the top of the table, and there's some great scraps happening in the middle of the field as well. How will it all play out in Hungary?

Race information - Britain 2016

Back to back races moves the F1 circus to Silverstone

Sidepodcast: Race information - Britain 2016

by Christine

We're having a brilliant summer of sport this year, with Wimbledon, the Euros, and the Olympics coming up soon. Tucked away in the middle of all that is the British Grand Prix, a race that many teams consider to be their home event, and one that is eagerly attended by fans and drivers alike. This weekend, Silverstone plays host to the next installment in 2016's Formula One saga, and hopefully it can live up to the promise.

Race information - Austria 2016

Formula One heads back to the Red Bull track in Spielberg

Sidepodcast: Race information - Austria 2016

by Christine

After building up such anticipation for the Baku race a fortnight ago, and then being disappointed, it's prudent to play down expectations for Austria. The Spielberg circuit may not be one of the classics of the F1 calendar, but it's certainly delivered some interesting races since its return to the F1 calendar. With changeable weather conditions, drivers constantly pushing the edges of the track limits and some tricky twisty sections, expect the unexpected at the Red Bull Ring.

Race information - Europe 2016

Previewing the brand new race in Baku City Centre

Sidepodcast: Race information - Europe 2016

by Christine

New races introduced to the F1 calendar of late have all had their own small controversies, and Baku is no different. The track itself however, looks to offer up a unique combination of challenges - intensely long straights, narrow streets, some incredibly twisting sections and a temporary road surface. It's going to be an unusual and difficult weekend for the drivers, which means we get to enjoy seeing them out of their comfort zone.

Race information - Canada 2016

Montreal plays host to the next stop on the F1 calendar

Sidepodcast: Race information - Canada 2016

by Christine

There's a lot to prove heading into this weekend's race in Montreal. We've been waiting to see what the real pecking order is, and after the anomaly that was Monaco, Canada may be able to offer some more concrete evidence. We're entering an intense period of F1 racing, with six races across the next eight weeks, so there's a lot of work to be done and plenty of scores to settle.

Race information - Spain 2016

F1 heads back to Barcelona for a race ahead of testing

Sidepodcast: Race information - Spain 2016

by Christine

The F1 season heads back to Europe this weekend, with the Spanish Grand Prix next on the lengthy 2016 calendar. Teams and drivers know Barcelona intimately due to the vast amount of testing mileage completed there, but that doesn't mean the weekend is a foregone conclusion. Well, it probably does in terms of Mercedes, but what happens behind them is anyone's guess.

Race information - Russia 2016

F1 heads back to Sochi for a spot of motor racing

Sidepodcast: Race information - Russia 2016

by Christine

The Russian Grand Prix has moved from its spot at the end of the calendar to take a more prominent position at the front of the 2016 season - this time it is the fourth round and so we're headed their next. A couple of drivers are looking forward to making their home visits count, but most watching from the outside are wary about what the Russian race can deliver after a rocky start to Sochi's F1 history.

Race information - China 2016

Get up to speed for the third round in Shanghai

Sidepodcast: Race information - China 2016

by Christine

This week, Formula One heads to Shanghai for the third stop on the 2016 calendar. We've had two action packed race weekends already and it's time for China to see if they can deliver more of the same. The qualifying format debacle has thankfully been resolved (for now), we've got our full complement of drivers fit and healthy to race again, and everyone is looking forward to getting back out on track.

Race information - Bahrain 2016

Sakhir takes centre stage for second round of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Bahrain 2016

by Christine

We'd normally be talking about Malaysia at this early stage of the championship, but the Sepang circuit has taken a sojourn towards the end of the calendar, shuffling Bahrain up to second place. With just one race weekend under our belts, it's quite obvious that Mercedes are still the team to beat but there was plenty to whet our appetites from the action in Melbourne. It was a closer fight, an unpredictable weekend, and hopefully Sakhir can deliver some of the same over the next few days.

Race information - Australia 2016

The first race of the season brings triple tyre choices

Sidepodcast: Race information - Australia 2016

by Christine

It's here! At long last the season has come to greet us, bringing with it an opening round in the sunny parks of Melbourne. Granted, the off-season was a shorter one than usual but the build up to this weekend's action in Australia has whet our appetite for a return to the racing action. Fresh faces are on the grid, new teams and new colours litter the paddock, and there are a host of questions that need answering now that the 2016 season is getting underway.