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Race information - Abu Dhabi 2017

Get up to speed with the final round of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Abu Dhabi 2017

by Christine

It's been a long season but we have reached the final race of the 2017 calendar. With the championship sewn up, and Felipe Massa bidding his fond farewells in Brazil last time out, it does certainly feel like this is one race too many. Abu Dhabi hasn't always provided exciting racing in the past either, but no matter, it's the final race of the year and we can bid a fond farewell to the season gone by, and start looking ahead at the one to come.

Race information - Brazil 2017

Interlagos brings the party in penultimate race of the year

Sidepodcast: Race information - Brazil 2017

by Christine

The 2017 F1 season has just two rounds left, and although both the championships are complete, it's hard not to still have some excitement for the Brazilian Grand Prix. The atmosphere radiates from the ever-popular Interlagos track, and it's an event that often has great racing, interesting results and a general feel-good aura. That being said, there are still two more races of a season that has dragged on long enough, so it really better had be a good one.

Race information - Mexico 2017

Could the stadium track host the title deciding race?

Sidepodcast: Race information - Mexico 2017

by Christine

We thought it could happen in the US, but this weekend in Mexico could very well see the 2017 championship wrapped up. Mercedes have already earned the constructor's trophy, but the battle between Hamilton and Vettel continues. Mexico is still a relatively new track on the calendar, but has a good reputation and has been popular in its two previous outings. Hopefully this weekend will see a good race at the track - whether or not the title is decided.

Race information - United States 2017

F1 returns to the popular Circuit of the Americas

Sidepodcast: Race information - United States 2017

by Christine

There are just four races left of the 2017 season, and whilst the championship is likely to be decided before we get to the end, there's still plenty to keep an eye on. This weekend, Formula One is being hosted by the Circuit of the Americas, a still relatively new but impressive facility. It's a popular track, which is even more impressive considering the results and reviews of other newer circuits, and should provide a great weekend of racing.

Race information - Japan 2017

All you need to know about the figure of eight circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Japan 2017

by Christine

The return from the summer break has taken a little while to get going, but as we head into the last five races of the season, things are really starting to brighten up. We've got a championship battle that is admittedly one-sided, but still open to change, and there are some fantastic racing circuits coming up - including this weekend's. The Suzuka track is a popular but tricky one, which can often produce great racing, but can also be hampered by the weather. How will it all pan out this weekend?

Race information - Malaysia 2017

Bid farewell to the Sepang circuit in its final race

Sidepodcast: Race information - Malaysia 2017

by Christine

The Malaysian Grand Prix is dropping off the calendar after this season, so the 2017 round held at the Sepang circuit will be the last for the forseeable future. That means it's your job, if not your duty, to make the most of it as we probably won't see its like for a while. Hot, humid, rainy and a real challenge, Sepang sorts the drivers into those that can and those that wish they could. Who will conquer the beast for the final time?

Race information - Singapore 2017

The next challenge for F1 drivers takes place at night

Sidepodcast: Race information - Singapore 2017

by Christine

This week's Singapore Grand Prix is often met with a complex range of emotions - it's a gorgeous location, hosts F1's original night race, and provides a unique and interesting challenge for drivers, teams, and paddock members alike. But the racing can leave a lot to be desired and that is, after all, what we're tuning in for. There's always hope but we can only wait and see what the weekend will deliver.

Race information - Italy 2017

The passion and prestige of Monza plays host to round thirteen

Sidepodcast: Race information - Italy 2017

by Christine

Just one week on from the Belgian Grand Prix, we've got another race in store - this time F1 is rocking up to the passionate and proud Monza, where history meets the present with epic fans, super speeds, and lots at stake for everyone involved. Fresh from a pole record and race win at Spa, Hamilton is chasing down the championship leader Vettel on his home turf. Fingers crossed for some unmissable action in Italy!

Race information - Belgium 2017

F1 gets back to work at the spectacular Spa circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Belgium 2017

by Christine

The Spa-Francorchamps track is always popular, and it's even more so because it brings Formula One back into our lives after a four week summer break. The track is exciting, the drivers love it, the sun shines, the rain pours, and the championship fight gets back underway. There's plenty to look forward to over the next few days, so read on for all the important information to get you through the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

Race information - Hungary 2017

Prep for the final race before the summer break

Sidepodcast: Race information - Hungary 2017

by Christine

After a fascinating few race weekends, we're into the final Grand Prix before the summer break. Hungary has a chequered history, providing both dull racing on occasion and fantastic weekends on others, you never quite know what is going to happen. This season so far has been like that too, but for the most part has delivered intriguing if not always classic races. Hopefully we'll have another good one to send us into the enforced summer shutdown in style.

Race information - Britain 2017

Silverstone plays host to the midpoint race of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Britain 2017

by Christine

There might have been some rumblings of bad news surrounding the future of the British Grand Prix, but an epic evening in London with F1 Live helped brush away any cobwebs ahead of this weekend's race. From the Austrian Grand Prix that didn't quite deliver, we head to the mid-point of the season with a race at Silverstone - the fast-paced and ever-challenging, much-loved circuit. Many of the teams have their home races here so it's going to be a weekend packed with atmosphere from start to finish.

Race information - Austria 2017

Red Bull play next round hosts at Spielberg circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Austria 2017

by Christine

Austria has the luxury of being the track that follows Azerbaijan on the calendar: no matter what happened in Baku, we'd be looking forward to this weekend. If it had been a dull race, we'd be eagerly anticipating action on a more traditional circuit. As it happened, it was both a brilliant race and one that left us with a lot to think about, so now we're left looking forward to the Spielberg event to see what on earth can happen next.

Race information - Canada 2017

All you need to know for the fun in Montreal

Sidepodcast: Race information - Canada 2017

by Christine

Where Monaco has popularity going for it but a race track that fails to deliver in terms of spectacular racing, Montreal manages to combine both attributes to great effect. The atmosphere is always great, the conditions often changeable, the circuit challenging for drivers, the racing exciting, and a general feeling of goodwill washes over everyone watching. Let's hope 2017's race can just add to that great feeling.

Race information - Monaco 2017

One of the highlights of the F1 calendar gets underway

Sidepodcast: Race information - Monaco 2017

by Christine

Although hardcore Formula One fans know that the Monaco circuit doesn't deliver a cracking race in terms of overtaking action, there's still something about it that gets the pulse racing. Considered by many to be the jewel in the F1 calendar, there are a few contenders vying to snatch that title from Monaco, but for now, the glorious weather and beautiful vistas hiding a treacherous and difficult circuit are hard to beat. This weekend has the added attraction of the return of Jenson Button, whilst we'll all be keeping one eye on Fernando Alonso in the US.

Race information - Spain 2017

Back to Barcelona for the fifth round of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Spain 2017

by Christine

Formula One returns to Europe for the next leg of the 2017 season, with the Spanish Grand Prix set to kick things off at Barcelona. It’s a track everyone is familiar with, after mountains of testing completed in and out of season around the circuit, but it can still offer up a surprise or two. The last race wasn’t a spectacular event in and of itself, but it added to the narrative of the season – a story that is really starting to get interesting. What can Barcelona bring to the plot?

Race information - Russia 2017

Will Sochi quash F1's awesome race run?

Sidepodcast: Race information - Russia 2017

by Christine

On the face of it, the Russian race doesn't look set to thrill. The new track has exceptionally smooth asphalt which is light on tyres, and therefore one stop strategies are the norm. Given that the 2017 rubber is even more durable than before, if the drivers didn't have to stop at all, I'm sure they'd get to the end no problem. It's hard to overtake in Sochi, so qualifying is crucial, and so far this year Mercedes have had the edge on a Saturday.

Race information - Bahrain 2017

Be prepared for the first night race of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Bahrain 2017

by Christine

We've had two races so far this year and they've both been fascinating, for different reasons. In Australia, we were faced with unknowns and left not quite sure whether our questions were answered. In China, we got more information and saw some great racing, but most are still on the fence about whether the new style cars are going to deliver a good season or a mediocre one. Bahrain is round three, and gives us another opportunity to see what F1 2017 style is like.

Race information - China 2017

F1 rocks up in Shanghai for round two

Sidepodcast: Race information - China 2017

by Christine

With one race of the 2017 season complete, we are perhaps a little further forward in figuring out what the rest of the year is going to offer up. Ferrari put on a decent challenge in Australia, taking the first victory of the year, so the season may not be about to go all Mercedes' way. Of course, one race doesn't tell us all we need to know, so it's about time we had another one - this time in China - to let us know whether our assumptions are correct.

Race information - Australia 2017

Get up to speed for the start of the brand new season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Australia 2017

by Christine

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Formula One is ready to go racing once again, with a full grid, a packed calendar, and plenty of anticipation to kick off the brand new year. We’ve bid farewell to some familiar faces, including last year’s World Champion Nico Rosberg, and we’ve welcomed in some new blood, including Williams rookie Lance Stroll. We’ve got new look cars, splashes of colour throughout the paddock and plenty of changes to talk about. The first race, as always, takes place in Australia, and it couldn’t be more exciting.

Race information - Abu Dhabi 2016

The season finale and host of the championship showdown

Sidepodcast: Race information - Abu Dhabi 2016

by Christine

It seems incredible that a season with such vast swings in the championship lead could come down to the final race of the year, but here we are. It’s Abu Dhabi, and whilst not a circuit that inspires confidence that we’ll see a classic event, tensions are running high as there’s a title on the line. It’s been a long year, and everyone is keen to see this season wrapped up but which way is it going to go? There’s only one way to find out!