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Medal of honour

Racing around Albert Park without wheels or an F1 engine

Sidepodcast: Medal of honour

by Amy Fulton

In 2011, inspired by Sidepodcast’s very own Christine, I started running. Eventually I could run 5km without stopping, so I ran a race, got a finishers medal, and then barely ran again for another 18 months. Once I started running again at the end of 2012 I realised I needed to keep setting new goals to ensure I kept getting out there. Then I got the February newsletter from the Australian Grand Prix and saw the Australian Grand Prix Run in the sidebar.

Chasing pavements

Pastor Maldonado stumbles over the kerbs in Venezuela demo

Sidepodcast: Chasing pavements

by Christine

You've no doubt seen it by now, but it cannot be witnessed enough times. Pastor Maldonado was in his home country of Venezuela this past weekend to demo the F1 car to about 20,000 keen fans. With twelve laps on the programme, there was plenty of time for Pastor to soak up the atmosphere and make the most of time in front of the home fans. Unfortunately, he only managed to complete one lap before crashing on the next.

A very big house in the country

Marussia take over Stowe School for the British GP weekend

Sidepodcast: A very big house in the country

by Mr. C

The journey to Silverstone on Friday evening could best be described as a fraught one. The UK was experiencing its annual bout of British Grand Prix weather, making conditions exceptionally treacherous. Several times during the expedition I yelled at my radio that the car was undrivable, alas no-one offered to red flag the road or put the event I was attending on hold. After several hours of somewhat intensive driving, I finally made it to Stowe School in Buckingham, although it had felt like I'd aquaplaned the majority of the distance

Bruno Senna takes fans with him down Goodwood Hill

A unique view from inside the cockpit at the Festival of Speed

Sidepodcast: Bruno Senna takes fans with him down Goodwood Hill

by Christine

It's no secret that the Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the best events for getting up close and personal with motorsport of all kinds. From drivers to teams to cars new and old, it's all within touching distance. I must admit, though, that I never thought it would allow this kind of access. Current F1 driver Bruno Senna took a handheld video camera with him as he raced down the hill, allowing us along for the ride.