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Take five - Reliability to the fore

To finish first, first you have to finish

Sidepodcast: Take five - Reliability to the fore

by Christine

We've talked at length about the regulation changes, but one of the fundamental things that they affect is reliability. In recent years, Formula One has seen most drivers getting to the end of a race on any given Sunday. Now, looking ahead to the 2014 season, there's no guarantee that all runners will see the chequered flag, if indeed any of them do!

Tomorrow's world

Make your predictions for the 2014 F1 season

Sidepodcast: Tomorrow's world

by Christine

Eagle-eyed Sidepodcast readers will have noticed there has been no call to action in terms of submitting your audio predictions for the 2014 season. It's not that we think the year ahead is going to be impossible to predict, although that is going to be my excuse. The predictions megamix is one of those things that has had to be postponed to next year, as we battle with that pesky thing called time.

Take five - The Red Bull challenge

A level playing field puts the champions on the defensive

Sidepodcast: Take five - The Red Bull challenge

by Christine

Even before we saw Red Bull’s diabolical pre-season testing, we were looking forward to a sea change in the order of Formula One teams. The Austrian squad’s four consecutive world championships have been secured with varying degrees of domination but 2013 was a step beyond. The fastest driver with the fastest team deserve the title, regardless of the effect it has on the championship, but I think most would agree that it’d be nice to let someone else have a go.

Take five - Fresh Friday faces

An exciting line-up of drivers could see practice session action

Sidepodcast: Take five - Fresh Friday faces

by Christine

The 2014 class of F1 drivers has seen quite a shake up from the previous year, with only two teams retaining both their drivers from last season. Everyone else features at least one driver change, with Caterham featuring an all-new line-up for the coming year. It’s not just in the race seats where things have changed, however, we’ve also got some shuffling around the paddock in regards to the test driver roles as well.

Take five - McLaren's potential fightback

With Dennis and Boullier on board, what can the team achieve?

Sidepodcast: Take five - McLaren's potential fightback

by Christine

McLaren endured a very difficult season in 2013. Although the results on paper show they score points often, and fought well in both qualifying and the race, it certainly wasn't the season the team were looking for. They finished the year fifth in the championship, which is their worst performance (if you discount the disqualification from 2007) since 2004. Almost a decade of finishing third or better in the title fight meant 2013 was a big disappointment.

Back to basics

Did Hülkenberg make the right move?

Sidepodcast: Back to basics

by Christine

Life is good for Force India so far in 2014. The team have revealed their new car with updated livery and increased sponsorship, they have a strong driver line-up and completed a full four days of testing in Jerez. They've also got the Mercedes engine on board, that whilst not without its problems, is the strongest power unit available at the moment.

F1 launch logbook 2014

Coverage of pre-season launches, new liveries, shapes and sizes

Sidepodcast: F1 launch logbook 2014

by Christine

The 2014 Formula One season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the reveal of new machinery from the teams. There may not be as many launch events as in previous years, but the anticipation ahead of the unveiling of this year's F1 cars is still as high as ever. With so many regulation changes to implement, teams have been working feverishly on their new designs, and now we get a glimpse of the results.

F1's bloody nose

The Williams Mercedes FW36 is revealed

Sidepodcast: F1's bloody nose

by Mr. C

F1 fans' worst fears were realised this morning as the Williams team released artwork detailing the shape of their 2014 challenger. Warnings about the look that some of this season's cars will be wearing have been circulating around the paddock for months, but today the whole world learned the ugly truth. The FW36 is going to be a hard car to love.

Green day

Caterham rebrand, name new drivers and Fernandes pushes forward

Sidepodcast: Green day

by Christine

Caterham announced their chosen drivers for the 2014 F1 season today, becoming the last team to confirm their intentions. Despite consistency being one of the key things teams are looking for this year, the Leafield operation have opted for a complete overhaul, ditching their previous drivers for two brand new employees.

Pre-season launch dates, online and on track

F1's 2014 machinery set for low-key reveals

Sidepodcast: Pre-season launch dates, online and on track

by Christine

The 2014 cars have so many changes to them that we want to get a glimpse as soon as possible. Teams, on the other hand, are keen to keep their new machinery under wraps as long as they can. With that and the lack of funds in and around the paddock, the launches are low-key this year. I've already expounded on how disappointing this is, but even with the lacklustre launches, there's still a lot to look forward to.

19 race calendar confirmed for 2014 Formula One season

The FIA unveil the finalised list that sees New Jersey, Mexico and Korea dropped

Sidepodcast: 19 race calendar confirmed for 2014 Formula One season

by Christine

The World Motor Sport Council met today in France to ratify calendars for almost all the series' that they govern. Naturally, our focus is on how the Formula One season will shape up next year, and it is back to a 19-race calendar for 2014. New events in Mexico and New Jersey have been dropped from the list, whilst the Korean Grand Prix is also missing. With India off the calendar anyway, that's two of the least interesting races gone for next year.

Who goes where - 2014 edition

An up to date table of the driver signings for the brand new season

Sidepodcast: Who goes where - 2014 edition

by Christine

Nico Hülkenberg was just recently confirmed back at his old team of Force India, meaning that in the space of five days, we've had two of the big driver movements sorted. Pastor Maldonado was holding the key to some of the market, and once he was announced as a Lotus driver, the question hovered over where Nico would end up. There are still a few teams with decisions to make, but here's the 2014 driver line-up as it currently stands.

Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 5) - Alonso's championship quest

The third title for Spain's double champion remains elusive... for now

Sidepodcast: Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 5) - Alonso's championship quest

by Christine

If there's one thing Fernando Alonso has learned by now, it's how to handle missing out on a championship gracefully. Now, his misfortunes have nowhere near the heartbreak that was experienced by his teammate Felipe Massa in 2008, but Alonso is starting to make a habit of getting close to the goal and missing out in the final moments.

Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 4) - Monisha's first full year

Sauber have F1's first female team principal on board for 2013

Sidepodcast: Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 4) - Monisha's first full year

by Christine

This year, Sauber's new team principal Monisha Kaltenborn will become the first female to take the helm of an F1 outfit from the start of the season, and hopefully steer them through a full championship campaign. Monisha has gradually been making her way to the top of the Sauber team, getting more and more involved in the day to day running.

Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 3) - Red Bull's aim for four

The triple World Champions want even more Formula One success

Sidepodcast: Five things to look forward to in 2013 (Part 3) - Red Bull's aim for four

by Christine

The Red Bull team have taken over Formula One in the past few years, working up from the playful party team to a seriously dominant force. Wrapping up their third title in 2012, the team were untouchable - particularly compared to the scrappy fight for the drivers' championship that unfolded throughout the season. With the quick and challenging Sebastian Vettel on board, and the consistent, experienced race-craft from Mark Webber, it's no wonder the team have made their way to three World Championships in a row.

Two weeks to go and a full F1 entry list at last

Adrian Sutil completes the picture, despite Marussia's last minute switches

Sidepodcast: Two weeks to go and a full F1 entry list at last

by Christine

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a full line up for the 2013 season. 22 available seats, and every one of them filled by one driver. It was Force India that held us up for most of the time, keeping their options open between Adrian Sutil and Jules Bianchi. The announcement that Sutil got the drive took most by surprise, and for all of 24 hours we were feeling bad for the ousted Frenchman.

BBC 5live preview the 2013 Formula One season

A radio pre-season spectacular with news, guests and plenty of anticipation

Sidepodcast: BBC 5live preview the 2013 Formula One season

by Christine

This evening, the BBC host their Formula One 2013 season preview, with Eleanor Oldroyd taking the reigns to guide us through testing summaries, guest interviews, and presumably a whole lot of speculation about what is to come this year. We've listened in on these programmes before and gathered an insight or two, so I'm breaking out the Factbyte Factbox again for the 2013 preview show.