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Formula 1 2010 in quotes

How the teams change their tune over the course of a season

Sidepodcast: Formula 1 2010 in quotes

by Stuart Taylor

Inspired by the excellent Autobiography of Formula One (a book, which, if you haven't got it already, oh my goodness you need to get it right now. Stop reading this post and get it), I have compiled together the story of the season told only in quotes from F1 personnel (and some journalists). It's a bit lengthy but doesn't take too long to read as they are only a sentence each, really. It was fun to do!

Rolando's 2010 season review

A look at the front, the back, and the midfield of the F1 field

Sidepodcast: Rolando's 2010 season review

by Rolando Petit

The 2010 race season was book-ended by bland races, but the creamy filling that was the other 17 races was what every modern F1 season should aspire to be. Although it was relatively clear from the start which team could have run away with the season, they didn't. Red Bull came back this season and delivered an insane car to wow us. Though I am not a Red bull fan, hats off to Adrian Newey, Renault, Mark Webber and Seb Vettel. Reliability took them out of contention last season but they fought back this year and in dominant form.

Sebastian Vettel wins 2010 F1 World Championship

Red Bull's German driver becomes the youngest champion to date

Sidepodcast: Sebastian Vettel wins 2010 F1 World Championship

by Christine

This morning we had four drivers mathematically able to win the championship. Most people thought that Alonso had it sewn up, although Vettel was the one starting from pole position. The fight for the title was essentially over in the first few laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, when Ferrari made a strategy call - and it turned out to be the wrong one. Vettel led from pole position, and crossed the line first, becoming the youngest ever F1 World Champion.

Bye bye Bridgestone - It's not easy being green

Waving goodbye to Formula One's outgoing tyre supplier

Sidepodcast: Bye bye Bridgestone - It's not easy being green

by Christine

This weekend not only sees the end of the season but the final race featuring Bridgestone tyres. The rubber manufacturer has been participating in the sport for 14 years but has finally decided to call it a day and retire from the series gracefully. Or so we hope. There's one race left to go, and at Abu Dhabi, anything can happen. What we do know is that the winner will carry Bridgestone on their baseball cap.

Predictions revisited

Analysis of where we guessed correctly, and where we did not

Sidepodcast: Predictions revisited

by Christine

Towards the end of last year, we asked you for your predictions about the season ahead, posing a few probing questions and welcoming any other Nostradamus-like thoughts about the upcoming year. Now we have lived through the 2009 season, and would all most likely admit it was a bit of a surprise, it's time to look back at how very, very wrong we were.