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The famous people

Who can be found at Autosport International

Sidepodcast: The famous people

by Christine

Seconds after we walked through the giant doors of Autosport International, we were already on the chase of someone famous. Allan McNish, ex-Formula 1 driver was signing things for people who had special passes, and although we didn't have that pass, we got close enough to take a couple of fabulous pictures.

Goodwood 2006 (Part 4) - One life, one love

Chasing down the famous faces in the Goodwood paddock

Sidepodcast: Goodwood 2006 (Part 4) - One life, one love

by Christine

Everytime I caught a whiff of some diesel-related product, I would instantly tense up. It's amazing how your body reacts to things. I really didn't want to go blind again, no matter how well I had laughed off the previous incident. The paddock was really starting to have a lot of diesel smells but I braved it out and we started trawling the F1 awnings, now that they were all up and about.

A horror story

Accidental stalking of a BTTC driver

Sidepodcast: A horror story

by Christine

Jason Plato is a well respected driver in the British Touring Car Championship. He drives for Seat, and he wins sometimes. He also presents Fifth Gear on Channel Five with Vicky Butler Henderson. It's basically a cheaper version of Top Gear, but still really, really good. Jason Plato was at Autosport International on Saturday.

Our first Autosport International

Visiting the Birmingham based event for the very first time

Sidepodcast: Our first Autosport International

by Christine

I won't bore you with the details of the morning, which mostly consisted of me saying "Have you seen the time?" and "me" swearing as he missed his exit. All I need to say is tempers were frayed when we finally got there and he even managed to storm off, before remembering that I actually had the tickets. But as soon as we got through the door, the nightmare morning was completely forgotten.