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25 things to do to fill the summer break

Motorsport related activities to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay

Sidepodcast: 25 things to do to fill the summer break

by Christine

The mid-season break is upon us already, four weeks without Formula One action to keep us entertained. How will you get your F1 fix? You might be frantically rewatching the 2014 races so far, storing them on your set top box to stave off the racing cravings. Or you could be like us at Sidepodcast HQ, glad of the break and a chance to catch our breath. Whichever you are, you might find this list of things to do to fill your time useful. From grandiose track-walking ambitions, to cosy fireside motorsport crafts, there's something for everyone.

What's behind the blue door?

A Sidepodvisit to the headquarters of the FIA

Sidepodcast: What's behind the blue door?

by Mr. C

This weekend we planned to not podcast because we intended to kick off the first part of our post-season tour, whereby we fill in the downtime with trips to a variety of motorsport related locations. As with everything we do, it's an ad-hoc affair, we don't expect to plan anything more than a week in advance.

Cardboard city

Spending a few nights in myhab's version of a tent

Sidepodcast: Cardboard city

by Mr. C

One of the most unique experiences of our entire Silverstone weekend was this year's Honda Dreamfields campsite. For 2008, in order to support their Earthdreams marketing programme, the team hooked up with a company called myhab to provide us with our weekend accommodation.

Friday @ British GP, 2007

Sidepodcast head to Silverstone for Free Practice day

Sidepodcast: Friday @ British GP, 2007

by Christine

Ahead of the British GP, our fine friends at USP Content invited us to join them at the Honda Dreamfields campsite. Essentially, this is a special field for Honda guests, usually media types, where the amenities are a little nicer than those in the regular campsite. We actually hadn’t intended to camp at all, but it seemed a good way to really get into the spirit of things.