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Wiki highlights - Finding your way around

A guide to Sidepodcast, as well as a bit of fun any day of the week

Sidepodcast: Wiki highlights - Finding your way around

by Christine

This month has been relatively quiet on the Formula One front, thanks to an early three-week break in the 2011 calendar. Things are gathering steam for this weekend's race in Turkey, but whilst the racing has stopped, we've been busy on the site. Sidepodcast is always evolving, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what is what. Thankfully, Giggles has come to the rescue

Quit playing games with my heart

Keeping track of the conversation on Sidepodcast

Sidepodcast: Quit playing games with my heart

by Mr. C

It is said that the beating heart of Sidepodcast is best represented by the comments, discussion, conversation, feedback and interaction the F1 community brings to the site. By a combination of luck, good fortune and the particular alignment of several planets on any given day, the chatter and gossip on this very site represents some of the best the online Formula 1 world has to give (in my humble and totally unbiased professional opinion). Therefore today we're launching the first in a long line of conversation enhancements for 2011, Sidepodcast Heartbeat.

Wiki highlights - A happy list and sports at speed

How to improve your mood and get sporting action to move faster

Sidepodcast: Wiki highlights - A happy list and sports at speed

by Christine

Towards the end of each month, I intend to dig out the great pages that quite often get forgotten about over on the wiki. This month has seen quite a bit of activity on the fabulous Sidepodcast Wiki, so I thought it might be worth plugging the new pages that have been created over there as well. We started the month with a desire to keep things positive, and one of the best ways of doing that is to create a wiki list.

Wiki, wiki, wild, wild west

Celebrating the Sidepodwiki now that it has found a home

Sidepodcast: Wiki, wiki, wild, wild west

by Christine

Whilst many people spent yesterday consuming turkey and opening presents, I was hiding away from all the festivities and indulging in something I like much better - sorting out the Sidepodcast wiki. When we first opened up the wiki way back when, I didn't think we would be leaving a trail of abandoned sites in our wake. However, after moving away from Wetpaint, and the tale of woe that was Wikia, we have finally found our home.

The Sidepodwiki - onwards and upwards

Moving the wiki from pillar to post ends now

Sidepodcast: The Sidepodwiki - onwards and upwards

by Christine

A while ago, we moved the Wiki from it's original home to Wikia. The move was instigated by the fact that the hosted wiki software we were using was buggy, unstable, and prone to virus warnings on people's computers. A good reason to move, I'm sure you'll agree. We selected Wikia, because it was incredibly popular, it looked like a real wiki, and you didn't need to learn an entire new language to use it.

Sunday afternoon Giggles

Keep up with the amazing DJ skills of Alex on a weekend

Sidepodcast: Sunday afternoon Giggles

by Christine

Since Christmas, we have stepped back from live streaming the podcast recordings on a Sunday night. Most of the issues are down to server and technical bits and pieces, but it also takes the pressure off us on a weekend. We want to make the live streaming as good as it can be, and putting a halt to proceedings is the easiest way to evaluate what we're doing.

Where art thou?

An update on the Sidepodcast Listener Map

Sidepodcast: Where art thou?

by Mr. C

Whilst trawling through last year's posts for the end of year roundup, we came across a blog entry promoting the Sidepodcast Listener Map. Although we haven't mentioned it in a very long time, it hasn't stopped people from adding themselves via the wiki during the year.

Introducing Sidepodfilmclub

A new concept in communal movie consumption

Sidepodcast: Introducing Sidepodfilmclub

by Christine

If you have been following my personal blog, you'll know I've been live commenting my way through films in a series I like to call Film Watch. The idea is simply to watch the film, make notes as you go and publish them later. It is a lot of fun to do, but in traditional Sidepodfashion, we want to take this to the next level.