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September 2012 recap - Back to racing and behind the scenes

A look at how Sidepodcast's audio and visual content is created

Sidepodcast: September 2012 recap - Back to racing and behind the scenes

by Christine

After a cool and calm August, the Formula One season ramped up the action again for the Belgian Grand Prix, and heads into a crammed final couple of months. For Sidepodcast, we're really starting to make progress on the site and things are starting to fall into place. Unfortunately, the audio side of things is suffering - as both of us had colds towards the end of the month - but we will try again in October!

August 2012 recap - Spending the summer with Sidepodcast

The mid-season break sees next to no slow down with guest posts aplenty

Sidepodcast: August 2012 recap - Spending the summer with Sidepodcast

by Christine

With Formula One taking a much-needed but rather extended break in August, there was time for us here at Sidepodcast to sit back and take stock of how things were going in 2012. Did we do that? No chance! Development continued apace, the guest posts came flooding in, and we ramped up the community activities to help keep ourselves entertained. With no races, let's go straight to what happened site-wise last month.

July 2012 recap - That sensational summer of sport

This monthly site update has increased podcasts and guests posts galore

Sidepodcast: July 2012 recap - That sensational summer of sport

by Christine

After a slow month in June on the podcasting front, we hit the ground running in July with live streams ahoy. We almost would have made it four Friday shows in a row if it wasn't for me and my Olympics obsession. Oh yes, with F1 taking it's summer break, we're all about the track and field sports now. However, that's probably something we'll hint upon in the August recap, for now it is all about what we've achieved in the month just gone.

Notification of intent

OS X Mountain Lion makes live commenting more awesome

Sidepodcast: Notification of intent

by Mr. C

Frequent commenters on Sidepodcast will likely be aware of the pop-up alert functionality we added over two years ago. The simple visual notification system enables users to follow conversations across the site while browsing other tabs or using another application entirely. This week, thanks to a new operating system, commenting got a bit more interesting.

June 2012 recap - A commenting hat trick

Our monthly update including many sports, fewer shows, and great posts

Sidepodcast: June 2012 recap - A commenting hat trick

by Christine

This month Sidepodcast has been spreading its wings and following several different sports including F1 - sometimes all at the same time. We had an epic weekend of following IndyCar, Le Mans and some football. Mr C is proud to say he commented in all three threads at the same time. An odd achievement, I'm sure you'll agree. We've not deviated too far from the path though, with F1 getting some great coverage through the Featured articles, plus some interesting posts from both of us and guests alike. Here's how the month unfolded on the site.

May 2012 recap - A feature packed Jukebox Jury

The Potted History becomes a regular feature with monthly updates

Sidepodcast: May 2012 recap - A feature packed Jukebox Jury

by Christine

For as long as I can remember, I've been maintaining a page on the About section of Sidepodcast called A Potted History. Monthly updates cover the new and exciting things that the website, podcasts, or community have been doing, providing a great history of how the Sidepodworld has developed. With the site now taking the shape we've been working on for months, a new addition to the Potted History feature is the corresponding blog post.

My Hangout is your Hangout

The next adventure in live commenting

Sidepodcast: My Hangout is your Hangout

by Christine

This weekend, we introduced a new style of event - the Sidepodcast Hangout. As per usual, in our highly disorganised manner, we rolled the event out in a mysterious and secretive fashion, testing the waters to see how it would go. Looking back on it now, I think it was a success, I hope those that took part think so too.

Friday night live

The return of Sidepodcast's live streaming

Sidepodcast: Friday night live

by Mr. C

This year's NAB Show 2012 provided six days of welcome distraction from the fallout of F1's visit to Bahrain. Always a highlight of my year, the most recent NAB offered up a wealth of exciting new products, technologies and ideas that conspired to put live shows back on our agenda.

All new feature packed Sidepodcast

Introducing long-form content about the sport you love

Sidepodcast: All new feature packed Sidepodcast

by Mr. C

Ahead of the 2012 Formula 1 season, we are launching a brand new section on Sidepodcast, created to allow in-depth and expansive content to shine through on a regular basis. Unlike existing posts such as this one, Features will deliver a known level of content on an expected date. You might equate a feature to that of a column found in a traditional magazine.

An archive of daily awesomeness

Compiling all the Sidepodcast conversations in one handy place

Sidepodcast: An archive of daily awesomeness

by Mr. C

This year the Formula 1 season has been drawn out until the end of November, which while brilliantly offering fans ever more track action, has cut into our off-season development time. To that end we've cheekily stolen a few weeks back from calendar organisers and begun tearing this site to pieces in anticipation of the 2012 season. The first noticeable change to take affect is the archival of the recently retired Daily posts.

Ping when you're winning

Follow the Sidepodcast commentors with a new blogging endeavour

Sidepodcast: Ping when you're winning

by Bassano

Some of the regular Sidepodcast commenters have decided to use their creative energies and have created a 'home of random'. We thought we'd try to nurture a place where we could continue the off-topic conversation and share the odd link, funny discoveries and assorted gems of the digital era. That's as much of an agenda that there is at the moment, it's definitely a work in progress and it is expected to change according to the needs, feedback and ideas of the people that read and use it.