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Race highlights - Singapore 2014

Lap by lap action from the Marina Bay night race

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Singapore 2014

by Christine

Any thought of rain was pushed firmly from our minds as the 2014 night race got underway without any weather problems. Two drivers failed to get through the formation lap without problem, and there were a couple of significant retirements that affected how the race unfolded. Tyre strategy was important, particularly as the race neared its conclusion - the event turned into a tense waiting game to see who would end up where when everything panned out.

Qualifying highlights - Singapore 2014

Recap all the action from the grid-deciding Marina Bay sessions

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Singapore 2014

by Christine

Whilst there was some rain in the air before and after the Formula One action on Saturday, qualifying remained dry. There was a lot to behold as the cars appeared to struggle to cope in the hot and humid conditions. The battle to get out of the drop zone for each session was tough, and although the running order doesn't necessarily seem out of place, the result belies a tense session that sets up a great grid for the race tomorrow.

Race highlights - Italy 2014

Mercedes keep it clean as the crowds end up disappointed

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Italy 2014

by Christine

Lewis Hamilton made life difficult for himself off the line, and the slow start actually compromised several races. From there, we were in for a treat, as it was overtaking all round with drivers trying to recover from either poor qualifying sessions or a tough start to the race. The Mercedes duo managed to avoid crashing into each other, despite some on track tussling.

Race highlights - Belgium 2014

First lap clashes and last minute battles bookend the action in Spa

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Belgium 2014

by Christine

With Mercedes locking out the front row, it was always going to be an explosive race between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Perhaps we didn't expect it would end up how it did, but it's an afternoon that will have repercussions for the rest of the season. The rain stayed away to allow racing to continue unhindered, and tyre strategy proved crucial in gaining or losing positions.

Qualifying highlights - Germany 2014

Relive all the action as one Mercedes dominates and one crashes

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Germany 2014

by Christine

The temperatures were soaring at Hockenheim ahead of the qualifying session, and the battle at Mercedes was about to get even hotter. With an hour of qualifying, stopped only by a brief red flag, the fight for pole position was well and truly on. Having said that, several of the top drivers found themselves out of place, either through crashing, running wide, or generally not getting a fast lap when it mattered.

Qualifying highlights - Britain 2014

A topsy turvy order is decided by the weather

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Britain 2014

by Christine

From the moment qualifying kicked off, it was clear the on-again, off-again nature of the rain was going to have an impact on the sessions. We saw surprises right from the start, with teams making difficult decisions, and some getting it very wrong. That continued right through to the final flying laps, where we were given an absolute treat of a final session.

Race highlights - Austria 2014

A new face on the podium after a great race at Spielberg

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Austria 2014

by Christine

The return of the Red Bull Ring to the F1 calendar was met with plenty of anticipation, and although it may not have been a total classic race, there was a lot to understand and evaluate following the action in Austria. The rain stayed away to allow strategy to be the key undertaking, and we saw overtaking both in and out of the pit lane to provide an entertaining afternoon.

Race highlights - Canada 2014

Lap-by-lap live text coverage of an amazing race

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Canada 2014

by Mr. C

The Canadian Grand Prix promised a lot, yet delivered even more. There was drama from the first corner of the first lap, until the first corner of the last lap. Reliability was the watchword of the day as the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve proved ultimate test for teams who very recently believed they had conquered early season problems.

Race highlights - Monaco 2014

A chaotic Grand Prix around the streets of the principality

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Monaco 2014

by Christine

The attention was firmly on the Mercedes duo for the entirety of the race as tensions continued to rise. Behind them, a frantic afternoon of running unfolded, with retirements aplenty, several safety car periods and even a handful of overtaking. Teams moved in and out of the points, and there were penalties for not taking penalties correctly. The only thing the race didn't have was rain!

Qualifying highlights - Monaco 2014

A controversial final session sees Mercedes dominate the headlines

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Monaco 2014

by Christine

The one good thing about the domination of Mercedes this season is watching the slow dissolution of the relationship between Hamilton and Rosberg - not because it's nice to see friends falling out, but because they fought so hard to say it wouldn't be an issue, when everyone knew it would. Qualifying in Monaco was another step in raising the tension between the pair, but they weren't the whole story.

Qualifying highlights - China 2014

Wet weather at Shanghai mixes up the grid

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - China 2014

by Christine

Three out of the four qualifying sessions we've seen so far this year have been wet, with Shanghai delivering a damp Saturday. The choice was between intermediate and wet tyres throughout, with no sign of anyone breaking out the slicks. Pastor Maldonado's struggles carried over from Friday to Saturday, but the rest of the field ran unhindered.