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Race highlights - Spain 2016

More first lap chaos as records are broken in Barcelona

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Spain 2016

by Christine

The sun shone beautifully over the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya today, and 66 laps of racing where completed by almost all of the F1 drivers. A significant first lap incident took out a couple, and some engine issues hampered others, but all the attention turned to the strategy of those in front. Who was on the right tyre at the right time, and who could make their rubber last to the end?

Race highlights - Russia 2016

First lap action brings out the safety car in Sochi

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Russia 2016

by Christine

An afternoon of racing in Russia has been completed, culminating in a somewhat predictable podium, four drivers retiring from the race, one safety car, one engine issue, and just 26 pit stops throughout the 53 laps. After first lap chaos brought out the virtual and then the actual safety car, the bunched up field spread out once again to limit the number of battles occurring on track.

Race highlights - China 2016

First lap chaos brings about a new F1 rivalry

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - China 2016

by Christine

The Chinese race delivered everything that qualifying promised - action from start to finish, changes in leadership (however briefly), a fight back through the field by Lewis Hamilton, and some frantic but fantastic midfield action. From the moments the light went out, there was barely a moment to blink as cars were battling for position throughout.

Race highlights - Bahrain 2016

Overtaking galore under the floodlights of Sakhir

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Bahrain 2016

by Christine

The Bahrain Grand Prix was another great event, with plenty of action from start to finish, overtaking opportunities aplenty, plus a lot of tyre strategy to keep on top of. A couple of drivers didn't even make it through the formation lap, whilst some first corner chaos added to the action. The sun gradually set to plunge the cars into a full on night race, and the sparks flew as all battled to finish in the points.

Qualifying highlights - Australia 2016

Confounding new format fails to mix up the order

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Australia 2016

by Christine

It was an overcast start to proceedings in Australia, with drivers and teams attempting to find their way through the new elimination-style qualifying format. With little information to go on, it was a confusing start, a befuddling middle, and an anti-climactic ending. However, it still sets up the grid for tomorrow's first race of the season, and that can only be a good thing.

Race highlights - Abu Dhabi 2015

F1 winds to a close under the darkening skies of the desert

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Abu Dhabi 2015

by Christine

With the Mercedes pair on the front row, it looked set to be just another 2015 race - domination from the German team from start to finish. And whilst that was the case, it was a surprisingly chaotic start to the race, that led to a tense waiting game towards the finish. Strategy calls were made and lost, unsafe releases spotted in the pit lane, and a handful of overtaking moves with varying degrees of success.

Qualifying highlights - Abu Dhabi 2015

The battle for the final pole position of the season

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Abu Dhabi 2015

by Christine

The final race weekend is upon us and although it does feel as though it's time for a rest, there's still a frisson of excitement to be had about the Abu Dhabi weekend. Rosberg is on form but champion Hamilton will likely want the last honours of the year. Teammate qualifying battles can be decided and we can compare just how far the McLaren has come since the start of the season.

Race highlights - Abu Dhabi 2014

Relive the championship showdown at the Yas Marina Circuit

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Abu Dhabi 2014

by Christine

We were looking for a huge championship fight that didn't come down to double points, and on at least one of those points, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix season finale delivered. It was a hugely tense race from start to finish, with a handful of decent overtaking, and some pit strategy that helped make the difference for several drivers. The championship was decided perhaps from the very start, but it wasn't over until it was over.

Qualifying highlights - Abu Dhabi 2014

Williams lock out the second row as Mercedes do their thing

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Abu Dhabi 2014

by Christine

With all the attention firmly on the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, it's easy to forget that pole position isn't the be all and end all at the Yas Marina track. There have been winners from the top four positions over the past few years, and starting from that front grid slot doesn't automatically mean victory. That being said, there's still pride at stake, and taking the final pole position of 2014 will boost any driver's confidence.

Race highlights - Brazil 2014

Keep on top of the chaotic action from Interlagos

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Brazil 2014

by Christine

Tyre suppliers Pirelli expected three stops to be the ideal strategy, and they were correct, but I don't think anyone predicted the soft tyres would only last five or six laps before being ditched by most of the drivers. With a couple of drivers opting for different strategies, it was fascinating to watch the race unfold and see who had chosen well and who was left floundering. At this late stage in the season, tiredness set in, and with such a busy pit lane, it was only a matter of time before mistakes started to happen.

Qualifying highlights - Brazil 2014

Skies remain clear as the grid is decided at Interlagos

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Brazil 2014

by Christine

Although the weather forecasts predicted rain of some sort during the day, it held off all bar a few drops before qualifying got underway. That allowed the three sessions to continue without major incident, but they were still absolutely fascinating. The lack of Caterham and Marussia means the midfield teams are now fighting not to be backmarkers, and at the front, Mercedes don't look quite so far away from the others as they have at other points in the year.

Qualifying highlights - United States 2014

The battle for grid position amongst eighteen drivers

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - United States 2014

by Christine

Four drivers dropped out in Q1, and four more in Q2, as the sessions were altered slightly to take into account the change in grid size with Caterham and Marussia's absence. That meant it was slightly more interesting to see who missed out and was left at the rear of the field. Sebastian Vettel got his tough weekend started, and there were a couple of other drivers with penalties hanging over their heads.

Race highlights - Russia 2014

Rosberg recovers from a first lap mistake in a dull Sochi GP

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Russia 2014

by Christine

It really wasn't the classic opening race an organiser might hope for, after some first lap action by the Mercedes crew and a handful of drivers behind them, things settled into far too much of a routine. There was no safety car, which was a surprise, but the drivers kept things clean and tidy to complete the Russian Grand Prix without incident - and only two reliability related retirements.

Race highlights - Japan 2014

Suzuka plays host to a stop/start rain-hit race

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Japan 2014

by Christine

Highlights is the wrong word for this race, a Grand Prix that started behind the safety car twice, had one change for the lead and little else, and of course ended in the horrific accident that put Jules Bianchi in hospital. From the start, things were difficult for drivers as the safety car led for two laps before the red flags came out.