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Your eyes only

The need for spotters in a modern F1 pit lane

Sidepodcast: Your eyes only

by Christine

There were plenty of suggestions about how to improve safety in Formula One, in the wake of the errant tyre that struck pit lane cameraman Paul Allen during the recent German Grand Prix. We however are all speculating from the comfort of our homes, and thus it was wonderful to hear from someone who has actually filmed within a hectic pit lane and knows many of the challenges it can bring. Brian Benjamin worked as a camera operator covering Formula One in the late 1990s and has been kind enough to lend us the following insight about the day job.

The after-effect of Imola and the positives to take away

An alternative look at the remembrance of that fateful weekend

Sidepodcast: The after-effect of Imola and the positives to take away

by Lukeh

Following 1994, the last few days in April continue to bring a regular amount of sadness to Formula 1 fans year after what transpired during the San Marino Grand Prix of that year. This was of course this race that brought the untimely deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna across a very dark weekend for the sport. Every year we remind ourselves of these events with much sadness but I feel that an argument can be raised to view this weekend in a different light.