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Giggles Radio - 1985

A trip to the mid-eighties as we delve into more audio-biography

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - 1985

by Alex Andronov

Giggles Radio cracks open a New Coke and relives 1985 which was the year Coke dallied with the new formula. This was the year Back to the Future hit the cinema, The Discovery Channel, the Amiga and the NES were launched. Also starting in 1985 were Calvin and Hobbes, Tetris and Microsoft Windows. And finally 1985 was also the year that New Coke was cancelled, and the world went back to Coke Classic.So join host Alex Andronov as he features a year from his life and plays the songs that either came out in that year or he experienced for the first time in that year. It's his Audio-graphy.

Giggles Radio - 1984

The audio biography returns with another in depth year in review

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - 1984

by Alex Andronov

We're back baby! Giggles Radio fires up it's Macintosh and sets the system clock back to 1984 which was the computer was launched. It was also the year of the first untethered moon walk, Beverly Lynn Burns became the first woman Boeing 747 captain in the world, Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to perform a space walk, the space shuttle Discovery had it's maiden voyage and the Andronovs moved across the street.

Giggles Radio - 1981

Another day, another year, as the audio-biography continues

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - 1981

by Alex Andronov

Hey it's 1981, well it's not actually 1981... but I want you to temporarily pretend it's 1981 for the fun of it. Back in 1981 the Times was bought by Rupert Murdoch, the first London Marathon was run, Charles and Diana got married, MTV was launched and Alex's brother Pete was born. So join host Alex Andronov as he features a year from his life and plays the songs that either came out in that year or he experienced for the first time in that year. It's his Audio Biography.

Giggles Radio - Surprise!

An extra special radio show with an all-request element

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - Surprise!

by Alex Andronov

Hey surprise! Due to the unfortunate and untimely relocation of Great Britain to the Ice planet of Hoth the Sidepodcast Christmas Party has had to be cancelled... But don't get all grumpy... Instead join us in a live radio broadcast without a plan. I don't have much of a playlist to be honest so if you'd like to suggest something then e-mail me at alex at so it's a nice surprise for everyone when it comes or you can put something in the comments and tag it #request

Giggles Radio - Alternative best ever show

A selection of the highlights from the first alphabet series

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - Alternative best ever show

by Alex Andronov

The end is in sight for Series 1 of Giggles Radio. In the next show your host Alex Andronov will take us back through the very best songs that have been played during the 29 shows so far* but this week we are going to experience the songs that wouldn't necessarily be your standard "Best Of" fayre but Alex wanted to play them again and so this is the Best of that Alex would have selected if left to his own devices... except he also selected the next show himself without any kind of... This doesn't make any sense... Stop this nonsense...

Giggles Radio - Songs that you will all hate but Christine and Amy will love

A pop and boy band spectacular with two special listeners in mind

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - Songs that you will all hate but Christine and Amy will love

by Alex Andronov

Over the course of the last 28 episodes there has been one unifying theme beyond even the alphabet (and the numbers) I have picked the songs. But today, in a very special Blossom, we find the musical selection reins handed over to two of our listeners who have... well lets just say they found the lack of boy bands and 90s cheesy pop disturbing. So join me and our guest selectors Amy and Christine as we play 2 hours of “Songs that You Will All Hate but Christine and Amy will Love”.

Giggles Radio - Best never played

A compilation of music that should have made the main alphabet playlists

Sidepodcast: Giggles Radio - Best never played

by Alex Andronov

Not everyone vicariously eats rhubarb. No! Even Violet, even rubbish non-eating Violet eats Rhubarb nefariously. Evan’s violently embezzled Rhubarb now exposes Violet’s entirely ruthless naughtiness. Evan vindicated, eats radishes.Welcome to Giggles Radio - Best Never Played. After 27 episodes of music you might be starting to think that I was about to run out of music to play you, but no! In fact during the course of the run there have been a number of songs that never got played and this show aims to fix that. These aren’t songs that I didn’t have room for, because those would be lesser songs, but rather songs that for one reason or another I forgot. Join me for 3 hours (ish) of previously unplayed (by me) music and chatter.