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Friday Fun

Thank Friday it's Friday! Kicking off the weekend and keeping Formula One fans entertained during those quiet periods between races and seasons.

What's it all about?

Friday Fun takes a lighthearted look at a sport often accused of taking itself far to seriously. From six word season reviews to the ultimate racing dinner party guest list, here is the perfect opportunity for plenty of mischievous off-track distractions.

What is your ultimate Grand Prix circuit? What things would drivers never say? Join in the community and help fill in these F1 blanks.

Friday Fun - Calling International Rescue

Which drivers would you pin your hopes on?

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Calling International Rescue

by Christine

During the live recording of Feet Up Friday on Christmas Eve, the conversation devolved into a discussion about which was the best Thunderbird - exactly such topics as you might expect on a Formula One podcast. In the comments, this quickly became a potential game for Friday Fun, and thus, here it is. If you were Jean Todt, and were setting up an F1 International Rescue, who would you pick for your crew and why?

Friday Fun - A little bit of luck

What superstitions should the drivers and teams adopt?

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - A little bit of luck

by Christine

It's Friday once more, and that can only mean that it is time to delve into Giggles' Big Book of Fun and find out what crazy question he has in store for us this time. We all know that there are some superstitions that are completely crazy, whilst others make a bit more sense (not walking under ladders, for example). Sporting superstitions tend to fall into the former category and it is there that our Friday Fun takes place this week.

Friday Fun - Fantasy teams

Pick your best combination of factors from any F1 era

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Fantasy teams

by Christine

The Giggles Big Book of Fun is on hand to brush away any feelings of depression after yesterday's bad news for those planning a visit to F1 this year. I imagine the book to be big, and red, with gold embossed letters with a digital version to go alongside it. Delving into the depths of the fun, I found this little gem. It's an old idea, but it's always fun to revisit these things, and I think Giggles has a bit of a spin on it, too.

Friday Fun - Secret Santa

What will you get for the drivers who have been very, very good?

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Secret Santa

by Christine

This week, we're building on Lukeh's theme of Christmas in the paddock, where present giving is the name of the game. I've raided the fun banks over at Giggles' place and this week it's all about signing up to a Secret Santa or two. You have a budget of £20. You need to find the ideal gift for your favourite F1 personality. What would you buy, who would you give it to and why?

Friday Fun - Dinner party decisions

The classic game of which F1 faces you'd like around your dining table

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Dinner party decisions

by Christine

It's an age old game, but one that is worth revisiting every now and then. Time passes and new faces have appeared in the paddock, plus old faces have revealed new things about themselves that may either intrigue or disgust you. With that in mind, why not have a go at the Friday Fun today? You're having a dinner party and can invite just three people from F1. Who would they be?

Friday Fun - Walk on music

What theme tunes should the Formula One drivers have?

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Walk on music

by Steven Roy

While watching the start of the BDO World Darts Championship I couldn’t help notice the theme music that accompanies each player on to the stage. For example Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams always enters to ‘Hungry Like the Wolf.’ Of course darts is not the only sport to use walk on music. Boxing has used it for decades. So I couldn’t help but wonder what piece of music would be appropriate for each of the F1 drivers.

Festive Fun - Drawing on your experience

Your Formula One sketches and artwork galore

Sidepodcast: Festive Fun - Drawing on your experience

by Alex Andronov

Hey everyone... I hope Mr and Mrs C don't mind but I have hijacked the site to post some Festive Fun. What is festive fun you ask? Well it's like Friday Fun but on a Thursday but a Thursday on Christmas Eve... On a Friday. It's Friday Fun on a Friday but it's Christmas so it's festive... Now I'm wondering if Christine has something planned? Oh well I'll forge ahead and then this can be deleted...