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League the way

Take control of your own fantasy F1 team

Sidepodcast: League the way

by Christine

A brand new season of Formula One is just around the corner, and whilst the powers that be seem to want to remove fans from the equation as much as possible, there is a way you can still get involved. Ever fancied taking charge of your own F1 team, picking your drivers and revelling in their success? Fantasy F1 competitions allow you to do just that. The great news is that for 2016, Fantasy Racers is back in all its glory and you can join the Sidepodcast league to fight against Mr C and myself in the bid to prove who makes the best predictions. Hint: it won't be me.

Game of unknowns

Join the Fantasy Grand Prix fun for 2015

Sidepodcast: Game of unknowns

by Adam Le Feuvre

The 2015 season is imminent, folks. Another 20 or so races, another bout of various controversies, poor strategy calls, iffy steward decisions probably some 'incidents' involving car number 13. And of course, Fantasy Grand Prix - the game where you get the chance to own your F1 team, hire some drivers, pick some teams and think of a name. You have to keep in budget too - you can't do a Caterham.

I predict another riot

The 2014 Fantasy GP league is go, go, go

Sidepodcast: I predict another riot

by Journeyer

With the F1 season dawning upon us once again, the 2014 Fantasy GP on is now up and running. It's a fun and easy fantasy game: each player is given a budget of 75 million and must spend it on three drivers and three teams. You can change your line-up at any time, although there are some restrictions on changes from China onwards.

Fantasy Racers 2010 - Bahrain reminder

Make sure to pick your selections for Fantasy F1 in the desert

Sidepodcast: Fantasy Racers 2010 - Bahrain reminder

by Christine

Fantasy Racers is back and this time it's blog-only! We're not going to be talking about it in the show as the rule changes make it just that little bit too wordy for a short podcast section. However, it's taking pride of place on the blog and this is where you come in. I have selected Strategy 2, which is the option to not change your drivers but have a higher starting budget.

Fantasy Racers - Panda Racing 2010

Preparing for a new year of Fantasy F1

Sidepodcast: Fantasy Racers - Panda Racing 2010

by Christine

Fantasy Racers was a mixed experience in 2009. The rule changes were of a similar magnitude to those in Formula 1 itself, and some of us adapted well, whilst others of us did not. Kathi led the way almost from the very start, and put on a really impressive show to make the Sidepodcast League the top scoring league of the competition for the second year in a row. She also completely outclassed the rest of us in the field, meaning we simply have to try harder in 2010.