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Innovation inspired: Confessions of a data junkie

F1's role in data science and data visualisation

Sidepodcast: Innovation inspired: Confessions of a data junkie

by Tony Hirst

As well as innovating on the vehicles themselves, F1 teams also help drive innovation in high performance computing and data analysis, with McLaren, for example, recently tying up a deal to provide predictive analytics expertise to KPMG. This side of the sport, however, and its potential for helping promote engagement in the STEM subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is often under-reported.

Anyone but Vettel

A look at the 2013 season without that chirpy little Wunderkind

Sidepodcast: Anyone but Vettel

by Stuart Taylor

Unfortunately for fans of competitive racing, that boy Sebastian Vettel has only gone and run off with the championship again. Even his boyish yelps and Mario-esque ‘woohoo’s over the victory lap cannot hope to cover the snores from our armchairs and the boos from the crowds. Here at Sidepodcast, a great number of the commenters have chanted, ‘anyone but Vettel’: perhaps the only thing most of us can agree on! But where would we be if our dreams were answered, Frank Capra style, and Vettel was erased from history?

Selecting the best time to launch an F1 car

Is there a relationship between a car’s launch date and its performance?

Sidepodcast: Selecting the best time to launch an F1 car

by Will Davies

In the current F1 landscape, as there is a great focus on testing and time in the car, it is worthwhile considering whether the date a car is launched affects the final performance of the team. Is it vital to a team’s final results for them to launch their cars promptly? And does a late launch leave a team behind, even before the season kicks off for real? Does it work the other way round, or does it not even matter?

2012's super season start in statistics

How the beginning of this year stacks up to previous F1 seasons

Sidepodcast: 2012's super season start in statistics

by KerbRider

With 2012 providing a fascinating Formula One season so far, KerbRider makes the most of a three week break before the next race to look at how the stats stack up. From winners to qualifying heroes, there's plenty to read into the numbers behind the race weekends. Mr C said in the last Aside with Joe that this season is shaping up to be "vintage". I have just been perusing my F1 spreadsheets that date back to 2007 and looking at this recent history, it's hard to argue against that.

The future of the F1 calendar

Which circuits have confirmed races for the coming seasons?

Sidepodcast: The future of the F1 calendar

by James

The calendar for the 2012 Formula One season was ratified by the FIA this week and confirmed that it will be a 20 race season, starting in March and ending in November much like the 2011 season. So that is next season sorted (although with doubts over the Bahrain and US races), what does the future hold? Which circuits will come and which will go? In this post I have made the assumption, based on persisting rumours, that the Belgium and French races will alternate from 2012 onwards.

Nothing compares to you

A closer look at Formula One searching on the world wide web

Sidepodcast: Nothing compares to you

by Christine

The Google Books Ngram Viewer is an analytics and search tool that allows you to look through years of publications to see how popular a particular word or phrase has been. The viewer looks through five million books over 500 years, giving plenty of scope to ascertain trends based on the results. For example, searching for the words "radio" and "television" together produce an interesting insight into how audio and visual entertainment has changed.

5 and 3/4: Looking back at title standings with 5 races to go and at the 3/4 mark of the season

What history can teach us about title championship battles

Sidepodcast: 5 and 3/4: Looking back at title standings with 5 races to go and at the 3/4 mark of the season

by Journeyer

On Christine's post regarding Sebastian Vettel, Stuart Taylor asked this in the comments: "Anyone know the lowest position an eventual champion has been in with 5 races to go? Lower than 5th?" It was a very interesting question and I decided to look for the answer. As things turned out, it was not as straightforward as it first seemed, so at Mr C's request, I decided it was best to write a separate post to talk all about it.

F1 Analytics 2009 (Part 2) - Teammate comparisons

Pitting the best of the best against each other, two at a time

Sidepodcast: F1 Analytics 2009 (Part 2) - Teammate comparisons

by Christine

In our 2009 Analytics series, we have so far looked at the points scored by teams and drivers throughout the season, and therefore how the year took shape. Now it's time to look at the team comparisons. The raw data is simply which driver finished ahead in qualifying and the races, and of course that doesn't tell the whole story, but it does give a good indicator of performance.

F1 Analytics 2009 (Part 1) - Points tables

A review and look behind the meaning of the championship standings

Sidepodcast: F1 Analytics 2009 (Part 1) - Points tables

by Christine

The news just keeps on coming regarding next year's season, but here at Sidepodcast Towers, we are just about ready to start reviewing the season. Last year, we took a detailed look at the year through some statistics and graphs, and it seems like a good time to repeat the process for 2009. We're starting with a quick look at the championship points, and how the season progressed.