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Where's Wally with a twist

Max Mosley goes missing after vote of confidence

Sidepodcast: Where's Wally with a twist

by Christine

Max won his vote of confidence and upset a lot of people along the way. I suspect the majority of us are disappointed, if only because it would have been great to see what happened without him. I was not at all happy with the result of the vote, but it didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that he’s never going anywhere, so we may as well make the best of it.

Max gets his way

Mosley remains President of the FIA for another term

Sidepodcast: Max gets his way

by Mr. C

Max Mosley secured 103 votes of confidence this morning in Paris, ensuring he's able to stay on as the President of the FIA. In what turned out to be a surprisingly short meeting (at least by the federation's standards), 158 votes were cast in a secret ballot after hearing from 15 delegates.

Sam's view

Another take on the cool fuel saga

Sidepodcast: Sam's view

by Mr. C

While the result of this week's FIA Court of Appeal hearing may have been the correct one, the handling of the announcement shows yet again the contempt with which the FIA holds fans of Formula 1.

FIA news

Preparing to read some hefty FIA documents from the McLaren hearings

Sidepodcast: FIA news

by Mr. C

According to the FIA website, full transcripts of both the July 26th and September 13th hearings will be made available at mid-day on Wednesday. We had presumed they would be appearing either today or tomorrow, but they have first been sent to both McLaren and Ferrari in order that they may remove any confidential information. These documents are going to make for some pretty interesting (and probably heavy) reading.

Radio traffic

Reacting to claims from Ron Dennis regarding team radio hacking

Sidepodcast: Radio traffic

by Mr. C

This morning I was reading about Mika Salo and his Ferrari radio spying claims, and as I did so, the penny dropped. Back in 1998 there was a big kerfuffle during the Australian GP when the race leader Häkkinen made an unscheduled stop and lost the lead to teammate Coulthard. DC was later asked to relinquish the lead and Mika went on to win the race.