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Bahrain, for the record

The official Sidepodcast stance on the troubled race of 2011

Sidepodcast: Bahrain, for the record

by Mr. C

Here at Sidepodcast, Christine and I had written off any chance of Formula 1 returning to Bahrain in 2011 way back in February of this year. The fact that the FIA repeatedly gave the country an ever more elastic deadline to sort out their affairs was the source of a certain amount of concern but we assumed (wrongly) that common sense would prevail and that the 2011 F1 season would comprise just 19 races.

Thoughts on the McLaren verdict

A suspended three-race ban for the next twelve months

Sidepodcast: Thoughts on the McLaren verdict

by Christine

It all happened much quicker than we'd anticipated, but McLaren's hearing has been and gone and the result is in. The FIA have handed out a suspended three-race ban, with the charge being that old favourite bringing the sport into disrepute. The suspended ban essentially means that McLaren are free to go but if there are any more dismeanours in the next 12 months, then it could be brought into force.