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F1 Debrief - You must drink

The problems with water and chasing those sweets

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - You must drink

by Christine

It has been the talk of the town for the past few days, so we turn our attention to the problem of driver weights. On this show, we discuss ditching the water supply, the merits of being short and what could force the FIA's hand. The lighter side of F1 has been an issue for a while, but has kicked off this week thanks to Adrian Sutil.

F1 Debrief - Infamous for predictioning

Taking a look at the Formula One season ahead

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - Infamous for predictioning

by Christine

Hot on the heels of our positive thoughts about Williams for the coming season, we're expanding the topic for a full episode of predictions. On this show we discuss Stefano's toughest task, the best placed rookie and avoiding committing to anything. Packed with facts and figures, poll results and comments, we'll do anything to steer clear of making an actual prediction.

F1 Debrief - 2012 Season Preview Megamix

The Sidepodcast community gather to make their predictions

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - 2012 Season Preview Megamix

by Christine

The new F1 season is creeping ever closer, and to raise the anticipation just a little bit further, a fine selection of the Sidepodcast community are taking their best guess at what is going to unfold over the next twelve months. From thoughts on the return of Kimi Räikkonen, to hopes and dreams over how the Austin Grand Prix will turn out, we've got it all covered. Force India's driver line-up, whether Lewis Hamilton will be back on form, and what Ferrari need to do are all given airtime. There's even a surprising amount of Rubens Barrichello.