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F1 Debrief - There's a definite change in policy here

The FIA's breaking news and putting your sport before the planet

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - There's a definite change in policy here

by Christine Blachford

Sidepodcast's 2015 break takes a break of its own as we hustle a quick podcast out the door regarding the FIA's recent statement of a potential refuelling return. As big fans of refuelling before it departed, we now discuss our mixed reactions to the possibility of a return and ponder just what the governing body are thinking with their latest batch of changes to the sport.

Happy New Year from Sidepodcast

A message of thoughts and thanks ahead of a brand new year

Sidepodcast: Happy New Year from Sidepodcast

by Christine Blachford

2014 was a year of new beginnings, with new engines, new champions, new drivers and new challenges. Formula One was reinvented to give the sport purpose, to keep it relevant to the changing world. We ended up with distasteful looking cars, but they certainly delivered out on track. The revamped regulations and the modern machinery provided drivers and teams with a huge challenge to surmount, and it was intensely entertaining to watch it all unfold.

F1 Debrief - That is an optimistic agenda

Rule changes and sporting tweaks for Formula One's future

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - That is an optimistic agenda

by Christine Blachford

Our final show of 2014 bids farewell to the year and looks ahead to the future of Formula One. On this show, we discuss the ultimate F1 gathering, a questionable Lotus entry and the race that surprised everyone. We pore over the 2015 calendar, and take a quick look at the entry list - figuring out what it might mean for everyone included. We ponder the penalty changes, those that are more lenient than before, and those that have become more harsh, and also take a look at the revised (again) safety car regulations.

F1 Debrief - The perfect Bond villain name

Ferrari's major changes and their potential for 2015

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - The perfect Bond villain name

by Christine Blachford

It's hard to believe that Ferrari have been through three team principals this year, but at the start of the season they had Stefano Domenicali in place, with Luca di Montezemolo overseeing him. We roll quickly through the season to see how those two lost their jobs, and then fast-forward to today, recapping the driver changes (both race and test), plus the big engineering reshuffle as well.

F1 Debrief - Like the FIA listen

A review of the season with radio clips and randomness galore

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - Like the FIA listen

by Christine Blachford

A bumper show rounds up our review of the 2014 season, with a very useful hat of randomness. All the highlight and lowlight topics of the season were placed into the hat, and then we drew them out one by one to discuss how Formula One fared this year. Subjects up for discussion include Grosjean's Singapore meltdown, a clear case of home advantage and how early Vettel started to struggle.

F1 Debrief - It's a very grown up response

A feedback round-up of pit lane patter and data collection

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - It's a very grown up response

by Christine Blachford

This episode of F1 Debrief wraps up all the recent (and not so recent) Sidepodcast feedback, covering a wide variety of topics. We start with a look back at the McLaren show and what an epic response we had from Pat. Discussion moves on to safety concerns in the pit lane, and just how far the FIA should get involved - with regards to penalties and more robust measures.

F1 Debrief - He's good on track, he's good off track

Adam joins us to review the driver of the season results

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - He's good on track, he's good off track

by Christine Blachford

To review the driver of the season ratings, we're joined by Adam, author of the Class of the Field column here on Sidepodcast. We discuss the best driver of the season, who has a chance at another title, and just exactly what is going on at Force India. Adam gives us his thoughts on the season as a whole, what the results would have been if Formula One was a single spec series, whether Ferrari or McLaren will see another champion any time soon, and picks out just one highlight from the very long 2014 season.

F1 Debrief - He occasionally sneaks up there and has a word

McLaren's testing progress and driver selection ahead of 2015

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - He occasionally sneaks up there and has a word

by Christine Blachford

McLaren broke their silence to reveal their driver line-up for 2015, so we thought we'd do the same and discuss their situation as it stands. With Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button taking centre stage, we ponder how their relationship will fare with the stresses and strains that the season will no doubt bring. We also evaluate the test driver roles at Woking, and who has the best job - Stoffel or Kevin.

F1 Debrief - Getting Inside Somebody's Head for Dummies, Chapter One

Race reaction emails and voicemails, plus love for Daniel Ricciardo

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - Getting Inside Somebody's Head for Dummies, Chapter One

by Christine Blachford

With another feedback round up on the cards, it's time to discuss why Anthony Davidson should make a comeback, who is enjoying too much champagne, and talking less... and more. We start with some feedback after our last show, with listener thoughts on Mercedes, on Caterham, and on our opinions on both. We also review where Bernie's next destination of choice might be for the ever-expanding race calendar.

F1 Debrief - 2012 Season Preview Megamix

The Sidepodcast community gather to make their predictions

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - 2012 Season Preview Megamix

by Christine Blachford

The new F1 season is creeping ever closer, and to raise the anticipation just a little bit further, a fine selection of the Sidepodcast community are taking their best guess at what is going to unfold over the next twelve months. From thoughts on the return of Kimi Räikkonen, to hopes and dreams over how the Austin Grand Prix will turn out, we've got it all covered. Force India's driver line-up, whether Lewis Hamilton will be back on form, and what Ferrari need to do are all given airtime. There's even a surprising amount of Rubens Barrichello.

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