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Sky Sports F1's end of term report

A review of the broadcaster's first season with Formula One

Sidepodcast: Sky Sports F1's end of term report

by Chris Ratcliff

We're now a year on from the launch of Sky Sports F1 HD and we can now look back at what their coverage has brought to the sport. Mr C has given his view on life without a dish, so let me provide the other view. I will say now that I haven't watched every minute of coverage, and sometimes watched BBC coverage where needed, but I have seen Sky's effort grow and evolve through the year.

Meet the new mag, same as the old mag

A first look at GP International magazine

Sidepodcast: Meet the new mag, same as the old mag

by Mr. C

I have no idea under what circumstances Hans Seeberg was replaced as editor of F1 Racing magazine back in May, but there's no question he is a man with unfinished business in Formula 1. After the briefest of spells on the sidelines, Seeberg returns to the world of motorsport publishing this week as editor-in-chief of the brand new GP International - a magazine that is to all intents and purposes a carbon copy of the product he previously oversaw for publishers Haymarket.

Jake Humphrey quits BBC's F1 coverage for 2013

The popular sports presenter makes a move to football next year

Sidepodcast: Jake Humphrey quits BBC's F1 coverage for 2013

by Christine

For 2012, the BBC lost half their live race coverage to Sky, settling for sending their presenters to all the races but delivering highlights where the broadcast rights dictated. For 2013, their coverage is being dealt another blow with the loss of popular presenter Jake Humphrey. Fresh from his success with the Olympics, Humphrey is heading to BT to front their Premier League coverage.

Listening so that you don't have to - The JA on F1 Podcast

Highlights from a very different kind of Formula 1 show

Sidepodcast: Listening so that you don't have to - The JA on F1 Podcast

by Will Davies

Now that James Allen is covering Formula 1 on the radio, he accompanies his website with a monthly podcast – so he can bring us stories and opinion from around the sport. In a lot of people’s opinion, JA seems to be F1's version of he-who-must-not-be-named, and during one of Sidepodcast's recent live events, Mr C stated that he hasn't listened to The JA Podcast, to which I immediately thought that he’d be potentially missing out.

Rating the F1 race edits

A review of the FOM highlight videos from F1 in 2011

Sidepodcast: Rating the F1 race edits

by Jonathan Crummett

When I started following Formula 1 half way through the 2009 season the race edits were all I really got to see of the races. Starting Wednesday’s after a race I would incessantly keep checking the website to see if the newest video was available. Even now, though I try to seek out the actual races a bit more, even if it is a day or two later, the race edits still make up what I see of most of the races. A month ago, when I wrote my first Sidepodcast comment on the Rate the Race article for the Brazilian GP, it only took a few synapses to fire in order to get to 'Rate the F1 race edits'.

The Internet is for awesomeness

Spreading the Formula One word and joining the community together

Sidepodcast: The Internet is for awesomeness

by Bridget Schuil

The internet is for awesomeness. It’s the only place where we can meet and share ideas in a fast, global way. It’s also a great place to store information – there are millions of servers out there with data that simply dispense it to whomever wants it at that time. I will admit that there’s a lot of junk, but there’s also a whole heap of great community resources – directories of local food producers, websites to jettison/acquire free stuff, and specialist news sites.

BBC reach for the Sky

The UK Formula One coverage faces a split

Sidepodcast: BBC reach for the Sky

by Christine

It won't have escaped your notice that earlier today the BBC confirmed a deal with Sky for a sort of time-share of the F1 coverage from next year onwards. We've been discussing it for most of the day, and still are not really any further forward than surprise, shock and mostly dissatisfaction.