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Got your number

Drivers select their preferred branding

Sidepodcast: Got your number

by Christine

One of the slightly more popular regulation changes for the 2014 F1 season is the introduction of permanent driver numbers. Each racer gets to choose their number (between 2 and 99) that will stick with them for the entirety of their F1 career. The number one moniker is reserved for the current champion, who has his own permanent number but may choose to use #1 if he so desires.

Romain Grosjean vs. the World

An epic driver of epic epicness

Sidepodcast: Romain Grosjean vs. the World

by Lukeh

If you're going to do well in F1, there are a few things to remember. One - it's probably not a cracking idea to have the hair of a Simpsons character in F1. Two - it's always going to be tough joining a team who cheated and brought F1 into shame, and then do well. Three - driving into people on the first lap and just embarassing yourself is never a good way to make friends. These are three rather important rules, three rules that stood in the way of greatness for Romain Grosjean, and thankfully, three rules I finally believe he has overcome over this past year.

Sirotkin at Sauber - How young is too young?

The Russians invest in F1, and bring their own driver for the ride

Sidepodcast: Sirotkin at Sauber - How young is too young?

by Christine

Sauber’s mid-season lifeline arrived last week from seemingly all of Russia, bringing with it the promise of allowing the team to focus on improving performance rather than bolstering their finances. The deal with a trio of investment companies, some linked with the Russian government, comes with the proviso that young driver Sergey Sirotkin gets himself a race seat for the 2014 season.

Mark Webber to leave Formula One for sports cars with Porsche

Red Bull driver will exit F1 at the end of this year, for WEC 2014

Sidepodcast: Mark Webber to leave Formula One for sports cars with Porsche

by Christine

The rumour mill for driver movements had fallen quiet of late, and it was Mark Webber that decided to stir things up again with the abrupt announcement that he will retire from Formula One at the end of this season. After twelve years and four different teams, the Australian driver has decided enough is enough, and will be moving across to sports cars for 2014.

The Romain riddle

Weighing up Grosjean's impact on Formula One this season

Sidepodcast: The Romain riddle

by Christine

When 2013 began, things were looking hopeful for Romain Grosjean. Three top ten finishes and a handful of points were followed up by a hard-fought podium and trophy in Bahrain. The faith that his team boss and manager Éric Boullier had put in him was being paid off and perhaps he could finally shake off the crash-happy image that dogged him since his F1 return. Momentum was curtailed after a suspension failure in Spain, and then the Monaco Grand Prix was next on the calendar. All Romain's hard work came crashing down. Literally.

F1's got talent?

The middle of the pack is where it's at

Sidepodcast: F1's got talent?

by Mr. C

Ever since Stirling Moss opened his wizened old jaw and spouted forth his archaic belief that the competitive strain of F1 racing was beyond the aptitude of women, motorsport has seemingly been embroiled in a sprawling debate on the topic.

Romain's roller-coaster year ends on a high

Grosjean wins the Race of Champions and gets a new contract too

Sidepodcast: Romain's roller-coaster year ends on a high

by Christine

Lotus have finally revealed their full driver line-up for the 2013 season, confirming Romain Grosjean alongside Kimi Räikkönen. The news comes as the icing on the cake for the French driver, who spent his weekend in Bangkok, winning the Race of Champions. In fact, he didn't just win but toppled Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Tom Kristensen to earn himself the trophy, which really is bordering on champion of champions status.

Being positive

Bruno Senna's optimistic outlook may see him shift to another series

Sidepodcast: Being positive

by Bridget Schuil

If ever there was a poster child for perpetual, unshakeable positivity – at least in public fora – Bruno Senna would be it. Throughout the three years of his Formula 1 career, his comments in interviews have been on the optimistic side of realism. Yes, this weekend the car should be strong. We've brought updates that should give us the edge over [insert closest rival team name here]. I didn't have a great performance in qualifying, but I believe I can fight for points.

Sebastian Vettel - 2012 Formula One World Champion

Third consecutive title makes Vettel F1's youngest triple champion

Sidepodcast: Sebastian Vettel - 2012 Formula One World Champion

by Christine

We've had many polls on Sidepodcast over the past week or so, and most have been split between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel 50/50. In the end, Vettel's thirteen point lead was impossible to overcome, and his sixth place finish in Brazil sees him become the 2012 F1 World Champion. It's been an incredible season for the driver, taking over the lead of the championship in Korea and never looking back.

Point, counter-point - The 2012 F1 champion

Does Alonso deserve a third championship, or is it Vettel's hat trick for the taking?

Sidepodcast: Point, counter-point - The 2012 F1 champion

by Christine

It can hardly have escaped your notice that this weekend plays host to the championship showdown of the 2012 season, and there are just two contenders left in the fight - Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. With such a head to head battle approaching, we thought it was only fair to debate which of the two drivers is the worthy champion, which is more deserving of taking home their third title.