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A meetup in the heart of Denmark, why not join in the fun?

Sidepodcast: Sidepodhagen

by Gavin Brown

You've probably heard me say quite a lot about how nice Copenhagen is... well instead of me coming to London to see some of you, why not come and visit me? Pat is planning to visit me on the weekend of the Japanese GP (7th to the 9th of October), but I have room for a couple more people in my flat if you want to join us. I live close to the airport and you can stay with me and Mrs. Goat for free - all you have to do is arrange your flights.

What's your favourite thing about F1?

Worries that the endless debate keeps us apart rather than binds us together

Sidepodcast: What's your favourite thing about F1?

by Alex Andronov

What's your favourite thing about F1? In the time I've been watching I think there might, honestly, have been a million rule changes. F1 now really isn't like F1 then, is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? I'm going to guess it's good because I have had the option since 1987 to stop watching and I haven't. So when people start complaining about rule changes that have happened or should happen, I kind of glaze over.

Spreading the good word

F1Minute stickers find their way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Sidepodcast: Spreading the good word

by Lou

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, this past weekend the quiet city of Chichester played host to one of motorsport’s greatest get togethers, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A number of us from Sidepodcast have been to the event before and this year was no different. Kai, Janna, Lukeh, Pat and I were amongst the many hundreds of people who descended on the vast fields of the Goodwood estate.

Spanish Wednesday: 29th December 2010

A festive guide to how the New Year is celebrated in Spain

Sidepodcast: Spanish Wednesday: 29th December 2010

by Amandoloss

Hola y welcome to my Spanish Wednesday New Year's Edition which also happens to be the last Spanish update for 2010. Since the new year is approaching it's all about reviews, predictions and New Year's resolutions. I will not bore you with my own personal review of 2010, but I will tell you all I know about how the people in Spain celebrate the New Year. Pues, vamos! (Let's go then!)