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Vive la Révolution?

What now for Formula 1 in Asia

Sidepodcast: Vive la Révolution?

by Ryan Gault

The greatest empires always feel the need to expand, no matter if its half way across the world for exotic spices and herbs, or exotic money. Formula 1 may not have command over one-fifth of the world, but it’s ever growing global expansion has had major effects on the sport.

Tinkering with Tilke's circuits

What affects F1 overtaking and whether the tracks can be tweaked

Sidepodcast: Tinkering with Tilke's circuits

by David Chubb

Many F1 fans have many things to say about Tilke's circuits with the general consensus being that they are boring and don’t promote exciting racing. This is possibly correct with the majority of his company's designs; they have given us places like Valencia and Bahrain. So why are they boring? Generally the problem is that his circuits either don't create enough of a challenge or don't provide any easy places to overtake on. There are many roots to these elusive qualities, so what are they?

Five things to look forward to in 2012 (Part 4) - The US Grand Prix

F1 attempts another return to the US this season

Sidepodcast: Five things to look forward to in 2012 (Part 4) - The US Grand Prix

by Christine

In my new book Pocket F1 Handbook : Guide to the 2012 Grand Prix Season you'll find a top ten list of things to look forward to in the coming year, highlighting what may be different and better from 2011, and what could make this year in Formula One stand out. As the first race draws ever nearer, over the next week, I'll select five items from that list - expanding on them and building up to the brand new F1 season. In this penultimate post, we look at a very welcome return to F1 (and I'm not talking about Kimi).

Five reasons boombastic Singapore is the future of F1

How the night race is changing the face of Formula One

Sidepodcast: Five reasons boombastic Singapore is the future of F1

by Christine

Formula One will return from its summer break at the much-loved Spa-Francorchamps, but for me, it is the Singapore Grand Prix where the sport will come back with a bang. Since the introduction of F1's first night race in 2008, organisers at the Marina Bay circuit have continued to find new ways to keep the fans entertained. Here's my list of five reasons why this year's event looks to be the best yet, and other circuits should take note.

Track Back - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

From a road circuit to a top of the range racing circuit

Sidepodcast: Track Back - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

by Adam Burn

Head north from Chicago, across the state line from Illinois to Wisconsin, through Milwaukee, all the while following Lake Michigan. You'll eventually find yourself in Sheboygan County, one of those wonderfully named places America has no trouble coming up with. The city of Sheboygan calls itself amongst other things "Bratwurst Capital of the World" and "City of Cheese, Chairs & Children". Add that one to the "only in America" file...

Track Back - Mount Panorama in Bathurst

A new series looking at some of the best racing circuits

Sidepodcast: Track Back - Mount Panorama in Bathurst

by Adam Burn

Track Back is my new series on the circuits I've loved over the years. This first article is about the track that hosts Australia's Great Race - Mount Panorama in Bathurst. When you look at the Mount Panorama circuit from a map, it's surprising to see that it's actually upside down. As you approach from the Sydney side of Bathurst, you can see the large Mount Panorama sign just below "the top of the Mountain". It's always given me this feeling as if I'm getting close to the Holy Grail - I guess it wouldn't be unlike a movie buff driving into Hollywood and staring up towards the Hollywood sign!