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Website review - GPUpdate

News from Formula One, GP2, A1GP and more

Sidepodcast: Website review - GPUpdate

by Christine

GPUpdate covers a few motorsports, including A1GP, GP2 and MotoGP, but their F1 site is what interests us. Their news is up to date and well written, with pictures to illustrate what is going on in the text. The archives are easy to navigate, although the ads can sometimes get in the way of the content.

FIA publish medals analysis

Bernie Ecclestone's points replacement gets some research

Sidepodcast: FIA publish medals analysis

by Christine

Bernie Ecclestone floated the idea of replacing the current points system with medals a while ago. It was around the time of the Olympics, which must have spurred him on to suggest the subject. He insisted that it would increase the desire for drivers to win rather than settle for points, and that would make overtaking better and the championship more exciting.