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What is CFD?

A brief overview of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Sidepodcast: What is CFD?

by Christine

When it comes to making a car fast, you need a good driver, a decent engine and aerodynamic efficiency. These threee things combined will bring you wins, or see you at the back of the grid. The aerodynamics is one of the most scientific aspects of the car, with every bump and groove examined in minute detail.

2009 key season for Williams

The Grove-based team hope for a resurgence in F1 form

Sidepodcast: 2009 key season for Williams

by Christine

Nico Rosberg has been with Williams for three years, which constitutes his entire F1 career. His loyalty has been rewarded somewhat, with his status as number one driver in the team clear for all to see. However, the German driver has only had two podiums to celebrate in his short time at F1, and you could understand if he was tempted to leave.