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Rear diffusers declared legal

The FIA conclude the new designs are allowed to race

Sidepodcast: Rear diffusers declared legal

by Christine

The FIA International Court of Appeal met on Tuesday of this week to discuss the issues regarding the rear diffusers of the Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota cars. Since before the season started, the other teams have protested against these three designs, suggesting they are exploiting a loophole in the regulations that is not in the spirit of the rules.

FOM settle royalties row

Bernie Ecclestone and the teams go head to head again

Sidepodcast: FOM settle royalties row

by Christine

Bernie Ecclestone has been trying to keep the row between himself and the teams under wraps over the past few days, and with the diffuser row dominating headlines, that's been easy to do. However, it has emerged that a couple of the teams had even threatened not to get on the plane to Australia, until they were paid the money they were owed.