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Sweet homepage transformation

Revamping the image of the Sidepodcast site

Sidepodcast: Sweet homepage transformation

by Mr. C

Although we're still fielding questions about the whereabouts of certain podcasts on a daily basis, I'm hoping that no-one can accuse us of taking it easy whilst Formula 1 takes a lesser role in our lives. This site's homepage recently saw something of a revamp and a number of smaller changes are occurring on a daily basis. It must be time for a behind-the-scenes update.


Taking a step back from Formula One for a while

Sidepodcast: Downshifting

by Mr. C

Christine and I have become bored with Formula 1. In our opinion, the sport has taken a turn for the worse in 2010 with the removal of mid-race refuelling, and with it the strategic elements we enjoyed so much. As a result we've been rethinking our plans for this season.

A live Aside

Spending an evening with the wisdom of Joe

Sidepodcast: A live Aside

by Mr. C

I like to judge the success of an evening by how long it takes one to recover, and given that Christine and I were still feeling the after effects of Friday's inaugural Evening with Joe on Monday, I'd consider it a blinding success.

Welcome to my wiki world

An introduction to the Sidepodcast wiki and its uses

Sidepodcast: Welcome to my wiki world

by Christine

We've had a couple of new people pop up and say hi in the comments recently (hi!), and I noticed some attempts to persuade them to join the wiki. We talk about the wiki a lot, I know, but it is a great way to make Sidepodcast even more collaborative and even more of a community. I wanted to take a minute to talk about the wiki and encourage you to join.

Boom! Shake the room

An update on the podcast studio setup

Sidepodcast: Boom! Shake the room

by Mr. C

Once upon a time in the comments, we were discussing the new Sidepodcast donations page, bouncing around ideas on what else we can do and how it can be improved. One of the suggestions was to offer more transparency in terms of things we purchase in order to improve the podcast. Transparency we can do.