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Retrospective F1

Looking back on the history of Sidepodcast and the world

Sidepodcast: Retrospective F1

by Mr. C

On the week that Sidepodcast was born, Leona Lewis topped the UK charts, while Night at the Museum was the highest grossing film in the US box office. None of this is of any significance of course, except a recent upgrade to the inimitable Wayback Machine has allowed us to cast a nostalgic eye across Sidepodcast website designs of years gone by.

New Year F1 resolutions 2011

Making promises for the new Formula One season

Sidepodcast: New Year F1 resolutions 2011

by Christine

After perusing how well we did with our resolutions in 2010, it's time to look ahead to the next year and decide what good deeds we are going to achieve by this time 2011. We're going to select F1 related items here, but feel free to share what you are hoping for from the next twelve months in life as well as anything else.

2010 F1 New Year resolutions revisited

A recap of how the pre-season promises worked out

Sidepodcast: 2010 F1 New Year resolutions revisited

by Christine

For the second year in a row, we made some F1 related New Year's Resolutions, promising five different things that would make our year following the sport much better. Just before 2009 turned into 2010, Mr C and I both chose are resolutions, and then invited you to do the same. Now the time has come to review how we have done over the past 12 months, and in a few days it will be time to choose some more.

My not-quite mid-life crisis

A potential change in career for one of the Sidepodcast hosts

Sidepodcast: My not-quite mid-life crisis

by Christine

Here at Sidepodcast, we are pretty open about a lot of things, and we like to canvas opinion wherever possible. After discussing this topic behind closed doors, Mr C pondered why this one should be any different. I was hesitant at first, but after thinking about it, I believe he may be right. So, whilst the following is off-topic for F1 fans, it is certainly in keeping with the behind the scenes aspect of Sidepodcast.

Born to run

An update on the motorsport charity fundraising

Sidepodcast: Born to run

by Christine

Well over a month ago, I mentioned the fact that I'd signed up to participate in a 5K race, raising money for the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust. This charity was one that was suggested for our Sidepodradio marathon, and although Wings for Life won out for that donation, the cause stuck in my mind. When I signed up for my run, I looked to see who was on JustGiving and there the Mechanics were. It seemed like a very happy coincidence.

Truly, madly, daily

Opening up the daily posts to brand new writers

Sidepodcast: Truly, madly, daily

by Christine

I know we've mentioned before about how fantastic our daily writers are, but it's timely to talk about it again. Every day, we have a new post arrive at midnight (or thereabouts), providing some useful updates about what is going on around the globe, and housing all the chatter on Sidepodcast that doesn't fit anywhere else. It's an important job and we've had some excellent people doing it. From our daily regulars, including RG, Gavin, Lukeh and Lou, to those who step in when it's panic stations all round - Alex, Pat, Kai and Nick - to name but a few.

Run, Christine, run

An attempt to raise money for motorsport charities

Sidepodcast: Run, Christine, run

by Christine

If you follow my personal blog at all, you might have noticed a couple of posts about running. It's quite strange, because I have never liked running, I'm not very sporty, and I don't really like the outdoors. Yet, I don't seem to have given up on this new form of exercise yet, and so I figured, why not take advantage of it.