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Lend us your voices for the ultimate F1 predictions Megamix

Get your racing assumptions onto a new pre-season podcast montage

Sidepodcast: Lend us your voices for the ultimate F1 predictions Megamix

by Christine

For the past three years, we've produced a giant Season Review Megamix, taking voicemails and recordings from listeners around the world, summing up how the F1 year unfolded from their point of view. It's a fantastic way to hear from people all over the globe, sharing their view of the action and hearing how the same set of circumstances can be perceived so differently. To mix things up a little, for 2012, I'm looking to put together a predictions montage instead.

Have your say on the 2010 F1 season

Call in your review of the exciting Formula One season just witnessed

Sidepodcast: Have your say on the 2010 F1 season

by Christine

Gavin reminded us recently that here at Sidepodcast we are (in)famous for our season prediction and review montages. It's been a while, but it is time once again for us to collect together your thoughts and create a fabulous post-season show. If you have even the slightest comment on how the 2010 F1 season panned out, we want to hear about it, and you can get your name up in podcast lights.

The 2008 Megamix

Time, once more, to get your reviews of the Formula One season in

Sidepodcast: The 2008 Megamix

by Mr. C

A little while ago, actually a long while ago now I come to think of it, Rich sent us an email containing his personal 2008 season review in audio. At first we figured we'd slot it into F1 Debrief along with other voicemails, but it was a long review, weighing in at nearly 15 minutes, and we didn't want to lose any of the insight.