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Race information - Singapore 2017

The next challenge for F1 drivers takes place at night

Sidepodcast: Race information - Singapore 2017

by Christine

This week's Singapore Grand Prix is often met with a complex range of emotions - it's a gorgeous location, hosts F1's original night race, and provides a unique and interesting challenge for drivers, teams, and paddock members alike. But the racing can leave a lot to be desired and that is, after all, what we're tuning in for. There's always hope but we can only wait and see what the weekend will deliver.

Save the best for last - Christine's Rankings, Week 26

Quiet week to build up to F1's original night race

Sidepodcast: Save the best for last - Christine's Rankings, Week 26

by Christine

After a bumper couple of weeks, things have quietened down for the drivers as they build up their strength for what is one of the longest and hardest races on the calendar - Singapore. There's still some time for fun and games though, with an epic Ferrari Grill the Grid (may be the first time I've ever seen those boys in the same room at the same time), as well as plenty of insightful interviews.

Imitation game

Codemasters' 2017 F1 release improves on the last

Sidepodcast: Imitation game

by Lukeh

It is that time of year again where a new F1 game graces the world and this year Codemasters have brought a real treat in F1 2017. If last year's instalment was a promising lap on fresh tyres then F1 2017 are the tyres being up to temperature and putting in personal bests as Codemasters have absolutely found their strongest title today with the F1 franchise this year.

Heikki was into hardcore heavy metal - Christine's Rankings, Week 25

How to pass the time when bad weather sets in

Sidepodcast: Heikki was into hardcore heavy metal - Christine's Rankings, Week 25

by Christine

There was all sorts going on in Monza, both on and off the track! This week we've got points for having a bit of a vendetta, for spending some quality time with your teammate, for indulging in a spot of cake and having an unusual birthday present as well. There are also points for karting on a track within a track, as well as trying desperately to play games under your own name.

Race information - Italy 2017

The passion and prestige of Monza plays host to round thirteen

Sidepodcast: Race information - Italy 2017

by Christine

Just one week on from the Belgian Grand Prix, we've got another race in store - this time F1 is rocking up to the passionate and proud Monza, where history meets the present with epic fans, super speeds, and lots at stake for everyone involved. Fresh from a pole record and race win at Spa, Hamilton is chasing down the championship leader Vettel on his home turf. Fingers crossed for some unmissable action in Italy!

Not too bad for you, old boy - Christine's Rankings, Week 24

Vandoorne and Verstappen celebrate home races (of sorts)

Sidepodcast: Not too bad for you, old boy - Christine's Rankings, Week 24

by Christine

The summer break is long gone and Formula One is back racing, which means the drivers are picking up rankings points all over the place. From their training montages, to cake in the paddock, as well as a bizarre Saturday morning television reprisal featuring Lewis Hamilton, there's plenty to look out for this week. Points are also awarded for impromptu dancing on the circuit and for standing on your head on the water.

Race highlights - Belgium 2017

A slow burn of a race with a safety car surprise

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Belgium 2017

by Christine

There was talk of rain building up to this weekend's race but the weather stayed dry and the action in Spa was only hindered by one safety car period. Close racing action didn't quite deliver the fantastic Grand Prix that we might have hoped for, but there were several talking points that will no doubt be referred back to as the season continues to progress.

Race information - Belgium 2017

F1 gets back to work at the spectacular Spa circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Belgium 2017

by Christine

The Spa-Francorchamps track is always popular, and it's even more so because it brings Formula One back into our lives after a four week summer break. The track is exciting, the drivers love it, the sun shines, the rain pours, and the championship fight gets back underway. There's plenty to look forward to over the next few days, so read on for all the important information to get you through the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

You should have been more convincing - Christine's Rankings, Week 23

Catching up with off-season activities for everyone

Sidepodcast: You should have been more convincing - Christine's Rankings, Week 23

by Christine

After a week off, Christine's Rankings is back to hand out points for the most interesting and more importantly fun things that the drivers have been doing. Building up to the return of the season in Belgium, there's been some training, some quiz questions, some charity work and plenty of other sporting endeavours along the way. Oh, and Grosjean holds a tortoise.

The mid-field crisis: What’s the answer to ensuring young drivers enter F1?

Encouraging fresh talent into the sport

Sidepodcast: The mid-field crisis: What’s the answer to ensuring young drivers enter F1?

by Nathan Hine

The current crop of young drivers is probably one of the best in the past ten years with burning young, fiery Mediterranean talents ready to burst onto the F1 scene. But with all the midfield teams blocked by middle-aged point scorers there doesn’t seem to be much incline to allow these young, busting racers on the verge of F1 stardom to make the step up the pinnacle of Motorsport. So, what’s the answer?

Guest who

A summer chat with Superlicense F1

Sidepodcast: Guest who

by Christine

The summer break has been a relatively quiet period for Formula One fans, but if you're in the hunt for something to listen to so as to break the monotony before the Belgian Grand Prix, then look no further. We were honoured to be asked as guests on the Superlicense F1 podcast to talk about all things 2017 and beyond, with the super lovely Rodney and Zach.

Money for nothing! - Christine's Rankings, Week 21

Things go quiet as drivers head on their holidays

Sidepodcast: Money for nothing! - Christine's Rankings, Week 21

by Christine

We've had a bumper couple of weeks of rankings points but naturally as Formula One goes on its summer break, the activity and pointsworthy moments trail off. There's still a few drivers up to no good though, particularly the Red Bull boys who are showing off their holiday plans, the McLaren boys who have a few questions to answer, and Valtteri Bottas who reveals some very interesting things about himself!

Selection box - A very talented dude behind the wheel

Kubica's potential return and how motorsport is changing

Sidepodcast: Selection box - A very talented dude behind the wheel

by Christine

Here it is, then, the summer break that splits the Formula One season not quite in half with an enforced rest. Some greet the break with enthusiasm - a moment to take a breath and consider what has happened whilst resting and preparing for the final push to the title. Others can't wait for the racing to return. The following links might help to entertain, no matter which side of the fence you fall on!

My shoes are too small - Christine's Rankings, Week 20

Diving into the deep end and messing about with memes

Sidepodcast: My shoes are too small - Christine's Rankings, Week 20

by Christine

This week, there are points for everything that occurred leading up, during, and after the Hungarian Grand Prix, which includes Fernando Alonso embracing everything to do with that deckchair, Kimi Räikkönen with some amusing radio messages, and Paul di Resta dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected weekend. Daniel Ricciardo holds on to the top spot, with movement from Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa further down the order.

Race highlights - Hungary 2017

Relive a hot afternoon of racing at the Hungaroring

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Hungary 2017

by Christine

The temperatures were high as the red lights went out to kick off the final race before the summer break, and tempers were flaring as teammates collided, swapped positions down to team orders, and failed to change places too. There were a handful of breakdowns, one safety car period, and many, many lapped cars by the time the chequered flag fell.

Selection box - The ship has long sailed on complaining

Het up about the halo, and hailing the Hungarian heat

Sidepodcast: Selection box - The ship has long sailed on complaining

by Christine

You’d be forgiven for forgetting we’re rapidly heading into the summer break for Formula One, as there is news hitting the headlines constantly. If it’s not building up to this weekend’s race, it’s more fallout regarding the halo cockpit protection, and if it’s neither of those things, then it’s Sauber and Honda splitting up, or the pressure the sport is coming under from other motor racing series’.