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Agag warns Formula E could leave UK due to Brexit tax concerns

Political concerns could move headquarters

Sidepodcast: Agag warns Formula E could leave UK due to Brexit tax concerns

by Christine

CEO of Formula E, Alejandro Agag, has warned that he may be forced to take the sport out of the UK overnight if the Brexit deal isn't satisfactory in terms of tax and employment clauses. He said: "We have a lot of expats that work in the company, and a lot of our contracts come from the European Union in terms of sponsorship, so if there is not a deal in terms of tax and employment, we will leave."

Heart of the city

Alex Lynn gives Formula E an introduction on BBC Radio 2

Sidepodcast: Heart of the city

by Christine

This winter, I'm really enthusiastic about getting to know Formula E better and fully engaging with what has been and continues to be an exciting avenue of motorsport. I've previously wanted to get on board but been stopped by time constraints and angst over missing French drivers, but the time has come for me to put all that aside and start paying proper attention.

It's still three months until Valentine's Day - Christine's Rankings, Week 35

A new power couple in F1, as Brazil brings out the best

Sidepodcast: It's still three months until Valentine's Day - Christine's Rankings, Week 35

by Christine

We're drawing ever so close towards the end of Christine's Rankings for 2017, with just two weeks after this one for drivers to get some last minute points on the board. That being the case, you're needed more than ever, to let me know of anything you've spotted that might be pointsworthy. Ricciardo has a healthy lead, but there have been bigger swings than that in the past, so it really could all change before the season is up.

HUGO BOSS announce partnership with Formula E, after dropping Mercedes F1

New sponsors for trackside banner and clothing

Sidepodcast: HUGO BOSS announce partnership with Formula E, after dropping Mercedes F1

by Christine

This is It Only Takes E Minute – keeping you up to date with the FIA’s electric racing series, Formula E. Today, Formula E organisers launched their new partnership with global fashion designer HUGO BOSS, ahead of the upcoming season that kicks off in Hong Kong in December. HUGO BOSS are sponsoring the sport with trackside banners, and will stick their logo on Formula E staff uniforms, as well as the demo car itself.

Race information - Brazil 2017

Interlagos brings the party in penultimate race of the year

Sidepodcast: Race information - Brazil 2017

by Christine

The 2017 F1 season has just two rounds left, and although both the championships are complete, it's hard not to still have some excitement for the Brazilian Grand Prix. The atmosphere radiates from the ever-popular Interlagos track, and it's an event that often has great racing, interesting results and a general feel-good aura. That being said, there are still two more races of a season that has dragged on long enough, so it really better had be a good one.

Race information - Mexico 2017

Could the stadium track host the title deciding race?

Sidepodcast: Race information - Mexico 2017

by Christine

We thought it could happen in the US, but this weekend in Mexico could very well see the 2017 championship wrapped up. Mercedes have already earned the constructor's trophy, but the battle between Hamilton and Vettel continues. Mexico is still a relatively new track on the calendar, but has a good reputation and has been popular in its two previous outings. Hopefully this weekend will see a good race at the track - whether or not the title is decided.

Race highlights - United States 2017

One title is decided in the Austin afternoon action

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - United States 2017

by Christine

With blue skies and a bizarrely grandiose build up, the US Grand Prix got underway to much applause. Two championships were up for grabs, with both Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton able to close out a title if the results went their way. With a great first lap, the racing began in style and the undulations of the fabulous COTA track meant opportunities for overtaking continued throughout the ninety minute event.

That's Max, walking on the moon

Formula One meets NASA in Texas

Sidepodcast: That's Max, walking on the moon

by Christine

When I went to Texas a couple of years ago, there were two things I knew I had to do before I left - go to a baseball game, and visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. It looks like Mercedes and Red Bull have gone to the US this weekend with the same thoughts in mind, as their drivers were spotted hanging out at NASA, and generally having a good time. There are no words to describe the video of Max Verstappen in simulated low-gravity, and it just keeps on getting better from there.

Race information - United States 2017

F1 returns to the popular Circuit of the Americas

Sidepodcast: Race information - United States 2017

by Christine

There are just four races left of the 2017 season, and whilst the championship is likely to be decided before we get to the end, there's still plenty to keep an eye on. This weekend, Formula One is being hosted by the Circuit of the Americas, a still relatively new but impressive facility. It's a popular track, which is even more impressive considering the results and reviews of other newer circuits, and should provide a great weekend of racing.

She's a fan, hence the hat - Christine's Rankings, Week 30

Passing the time in Suzuka with the fans

Sidepodcast: She's a fan, hence the hat - Christine's Rankings, Week 30

by Christine

At this point in the rankings season, I'd usually be saying the competition is wide open and it's all to play for. Granted, there are still a good few weeks left but, just like the actual Formula One championship, things are very much headed in the direction of one particular driver. Every single day, Daniel Ricciardo is doing new and brilliant things to engage with fans and generally just bring the fun. Amazing.

Race information - Japan 2017

All you need to know about the figure of eight circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Japan 2017

by Christine

The return from the summer break has taken a little while to get going, but as we head into the last five races of the season, things are really starting to brighten up. We've got a championship battle that is admittedly one-sided, but still open to change, and there are some fantastic racing circuits coming up - including this weekend's. The Suzuka track is a popular but tricky one, which can often produce great racing, but can also be hampered by the weather. How will it all pan out this weekend?

I cut his cake - Christine's Rankings, Week 29

Cakes and competitions in Malaysia, street racing in Tokyo

Sidepodcast: I cut his cake - Christine's Rankings, Week 29

by Christine

It's getting to that point in the Formula One season when things start to get serious. There are two championships up for grabs, and it's eyes down, concentrate to see who is going to win it. Here at Sidepodcast though, it's a different story, as we search for the lighter side of the sport. This week, there are points for drivers going head to head with their boss, taking on the team in a different game, and hitting the streets in a kart and a costume.

Race information - Malaysia 2017

Bid farewell to the Sepang circuit in its final race

Sidepodcast: Race information - Malaysia 2017

by Christine

The Malaysian Grand Prix is dropping off the calendar after this season, so the 2017 round held at the Sepang circuit will be the last for the forseeable future. That means it's your job, if not your duty, to make the most of it as we probably won't see its like for a while. Hot, humid, rainy and a real challenge, Sepang sorts the drivers into those that can and those that wish they could. Who will conquer the beast for the final time?

Vamos, vamos, vamos! - Christine's Rankings, Week 27

All that happened in Singapore aside from that first lap

Sidepodcast: Vamos, vamos, vamos! - Christine's Rankings, Week 27

by Christine

Certain power unit news has been dominating the headlines, and certain first lap chaos has been dominating our thoughts, but there was more to the Singapore weekend than all that. Drivers were up to all sorts of mischief, and I caught as much of it as I could and handed out points where possible. Carlos Sainz picked up a good haul this weekend, but leader Daniel Ricciardo knows what he's doing!

Race highlights - Singapore 2017

Wet race causes chaos and significant championship swing

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Singapore 2017

by Christine

We've not seen a wet race in Singapore until now, but the heavens opened above the Marina Bay track just as the race was about to start. With a mix of intermediate and full wet tyres on the grid, there was only ever going to be chaos into the first corner - and that's just what we got. The first half of the race was fascinating, the second half lost quite a lot of the tension that had been built up, but all in all it feels like this was a crucial point of the 2017 championship campaign.