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I just want to breathe in the Baku sunshine - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

Before, after and during the surprising Azerbaijan race

Sidepodcast: I just want to breathe in the Baku sunshine - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

by Christine Blachford

With so much happening on track, it's understandable that the drivers weren't getting up to quite so much mischief in the paddock, thus it is a quieter rankings week this time out. There's still time for some juggling, and some singing, as well as a glimpse at the Force India boys in happier times - will they still be like that after what happened in Baku?

Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

Back to Baku for another twisting street circuit event

Sidepodcast: Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

by Christine Blachford

Much of the attention in recent days has been on the FIA's calendar announcement for next season, with a bumper schedule groaning at the seams. Before we get there, though, we've got the small matter of the rest of this year to finish. For the 2017 race, Baku has become the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, rather than the European race as it was last year. The street circuit didn't have the best of debuts so here's hoping there is more coming from the race this weekend.

So it's Rubens... and someone else - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

Equal second place as the competition heats up

Sidepodcast: So it's Rubens... and someone else - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

by Christine Blachford

The week between races can often be a bit slow for driver activity, but that's not the case this time out. We've got reactions from the Le Mans event, a new drink related extra-curricular activity and looking for pace even in the most mundane of places. Canada's been and gone and it's over to Baku the drivers are heading, so we'll be watching closely to see what they get up to.

Race information - Canada 2017

All you need to know for the fun in Montreal

Sidepodcast: Race information - Canada 2017

by Christine Blachford

Where Monaco has popularity going for it but a race track that fails to deliver in terms of spectacular racing, Montreal manages to combine both attributes to great effect. The atmosphere is always great, the conditions often changeable, the circuit challenging for drivers, the racing exciting, and a general feeling of goodwill washes over everyone watching. Let's hope 2017's race can just add to that great feeling.

Experience won this time - Christine's Rankings, Week 12

A new leader makes it a three-way fight for the top spot

Sidepodcast: Experience won this time - Christine's Rankings, Week 12

by Christine Blachford

Fernando Alonso's efforts across his Indy adventure and post-race graciousness have propelled him to take the top spot in the rankings this week. It's close at the top though, as three drivers are within three points of each other. However, just when you think it's safe, there are large points gains for other drivers too, including Nico Hülkenberg, and even Lance Stroll picked up a point.

Selection box - There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory in F1

Celebrating Monaco madness and F1's attitude changes

Sidepodcast: Selection box - There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory in F1

by Christine Blachford

Naturally, this week's selection of links from around the motorsport web have a handful of discussions about Fernando Alonso's appearance in the Indy 500. The good news is that he's done it, he did brilliantly, and he's coming home in one piece. The bad news is that we now have to ponder what the fall out is from everything that happened this past weekend.

For you guys, this is normal

Alonso charms the crowds with Indy 500 thank you speech

Sidepodcast: For you guys, this is normal

by Christine Blachford

If you saw any of the Indy 500 action this past weekend, you'll know two thinks about how Fernando Alonso fared: firstly, that he didn't make it to the end of the race which was heartbreaking to see, but secondly, that he did an incredible job throughout the race and was seriously impressive on his debut. It's not just us that noticed that, either. At the Indy 500 Victory Banquet, Alonso was awarded the Rookie of the Race trophy.

She'll be back!

F1 podcasting with artificial intelligence

Sidepodcast: She'll be back!

by Mr. C

One of the trickiest problems we have struggled to resolve at Sidepodcast is how to produce timely news podcasts when Mrs Christine is unwell. I lack the talent to step in to replace her and we've bounced around all manner of alternate ideas from leaning on the community to record shows for us, to cutting up old recordings to splice together new sentences. It turns out this girl is hard to replace.

Race highlights - Monaco 2017

Get play by play coverage of the sixth round of the season

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Monaco 2017

by Christine Blachford

Formula One's glitzy track in Monaco cannot always provide great racing, and this year it delivered on the promise with mostly processional but occasionally baffling action that say an intriguing result, a safety car period, a handful of accidents, and some great points finishes. Although we lacked overtaking opportunities, there was a lot of tension around the strategy and things looked close as the finish line approached.