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An affection for a trophy collection - Christine's Rankings, Week 24

Summer break activities come to a crashing halt in Spa

Sidepodcast: An affection for a trophy collection - Christine's Rankings, Week 24

by Christine Blachford

After spending lots of time in the sunshine and recharging their batteries, the drivers returned to work this weekend. They had time to share some of their activities (more driving for some, training for others, messing about in the ocean for many) but then got on with the business of preparing to race. I've handed out points for celebrating in style but taken them away when those celebrations go over the top.

Race highlights - Belgium 2016

Chaotic start in Spa to post-summer break racing

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Belgium 2016

by Christine Blachford

The drivers only had four weeks off over the summer, but it felt like they were all starting from scratch again this weekend. The high temperatures and tyre pressures meant no one was quite sure how strategies were going to unfold, and there was plenty of jostling for position throughout the race. After first corner chaos, one red flag period, a high speed crash and another round of Räikkönen versus Verstappen, we finally managed to get the race finished and another three drivers soaked in champagne.

Race information - Belgium 2016

The summer break ends with the spectacular Spa

Sidepodcast: Race information - Belgium 2016

by Christine Blachford

The summer break was a much-needed respite from the manic action of back to back races, but we're ready to get going again now with more of the same. The fabulous Spa-Francorchamps is first on the post-break list, giving our drivers plenty to think about as they get back in gear. The battle at the top of the championships is heating up and there is everything to play for as we head into the more important stages of a season of competition.

Hamilton's lead surely plunges Rosberg into a summer break of wistfulness, but can the German rise again?

Rosberg's recent form has seen him lose top spot as the title race takes a new dimension

Sidepodcast: Hamilton's lead surely plunges Rosberg into a summer break of wistfulness, but can the German rise again?

by Ewomazino Orowor

The 2016 Formula One season has progressed into the summer break, implying about a month devoid of racing action, but there are many points to chew over during this period. The ebb and flow with the regulations as well as the halo U-turn, and Ferrari's slump (which is even made worse by Red Bull's improvement) are among the attractive areas for reflection over the dozen races witnessed so far. But the juiciest talking point from the last five months in Formula One is arguably the tale of two halves in just the first half of the season. A tale which can be summarized as: Nico Rosberg started it, but Lewis Hamilton ended it.

Viva Scotland - Christine's Rankings, Week 20

Daniel Ricciardo gets confused on the podium and in the press conference

Sidepodcast: Viva Scotland - Christine's Rankings, Week 20

by Christine Blachford

Daniel Ricciardo might have had a good week out on track, finishing the German Grand Prix on the podium, but on the rankings table, things haven't gone so well. The Australian has lost his lead and dropped way back. On the flip side, Nico Rosberg didn't have the best weekend for his home race, but has inherited the lead of the rankings chart just in time for the summer break!

Race information - Germany 2016

Hockenheim plays host to the last race before the summer break

Sidepodcast: Race information - Germany 2016

by Christine Blachford

The summer break is just around the corner but before we get there we've got one more event to bring this bumper section of calendar to a conclusion. With five races in six weeks, it's no surprise that everyone in F1 is tired and could do with a rest, but there's no chance of that this weekend with the challenge of Hockenheim rearing up ahead of them. There was no German Grand Prix last year, so it's a chance for the German fans to get up close and personal with F1 2016.

Qualifying highlights - Hungary 2016

Rain hits Hungaroring ahead of crazy first Q1

Sidepodcast: Qualifying highlights - Hungary 2016

by Christine Blachford

If you were hoping for a straight forward qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, then you would have been disappointed with what was delivered. The heavens opened and rain poured down to mix up the order and bring out multiple red flags during the first session. If you were looking for something chaotic and unpredictable, then what unfolded during the three knockout sessions would have been right up your street.

Race information - Hungary 2016

Preview the action-packed weekend in Budapest

Sidepodcast: Race information - Hungary 2016

by Christine Blachford

In the midst of this bumper section of the 2016 calendar, it feels odd to have had a two-week gap to play with ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. However, the sport is back this weekend and all the drivers are ready to get stuck in to make the most of the two races they have left before the summer break. It's all to play for at the top of the table, and there's some great scraps happening in the middle of the field as well. How will it all play out in Hungary?

Two World Champions and a young charger - Christine's Rankings, Week 17

Button moves back into second place after karting trip

Sidepodcast: Two World Champions and a young charger - Christine's Rankings, Week 17

by Christine Blachford

The Silverstone race is a good opportunity for home grown heroes to wow the crowds, and both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton jumped at the opportunity to do so. They're not the only ones picking up points this week though, as we've also got Esteban Gutiérrez giving his teammate just a bit of aggro, the Williams team making their very own ice creams and even Stoffel Vandoorne making an appearance.

Race information - Britain 2016

Back to back races moves the F1 circus to Silverstone

Sidepodcast: Race information - Britain 2016

by Christine Blachford

We're having a brilliant summer of sport this year, with Wimbledon, the Euros, and the Olympics coming up soon. Tucked away in the middle of all that is the British Grand Prix, a race that many teams consider to be their home event, and one that is eagerly attended by fans and drivers alike. This weekend, Silverstone plays host to the next installment in 2016's Formula One saga, and hopefully it can live up to the promise.

Race information - Austria 2016

Formula One heads back to the Red Bull track in Spielberg

Sidepodcast: Race information - Austria 2016

by Christine Blachford

After building up such anticipation for the Baku race a fortnight ago, and then being disappointed, it's prudent to play down expectations for Austria. The Spielberg circuit may not be one of the classics of the F1 calendar, but it's certainly delivered some interesting races since its return to the F1 calendar. With changeable weather conditions, drivers constantly pushing the edges of the track limits and some tricky twisty sections, expect the unexpected at the Red Bull Ring.

Ready for the game - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

Football and wakeboarding, plus crossing the streams

Sidepodcast: Ready for the game - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

by Christine Blachford

Another week has flown by in a flash, and whilst there have been plenty of things happening on a worldwide scale, it's the minutae of the F1 drivers' lives that we care about. In this week's update, we've got points for turning up to Goodwood Festival of Speed and putting on a good show, bumping into other drivers at unexpected (or perhaps expected) places, and trying out some new sports.

Challenge accepted - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

The highs and lows of a brand new Baku race

Sidepodcast: Challenge accepted - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

by Christine Blachford

Heading to a brand new circuit means drivers get a fresh set of surroundings, and can participate in a lot of new local traditions. Rather than visiting the koala bears at the zoo like they do in Australia, or wearing ten gallon hats in the USA, this time it was all about weaving carpets. As you do. Also this week, points for sharing cute baby pictures and for getting feisty in the press conference.

Race information - Europe 2016

Previewing the brand new race in Baku City Centre

Sidepodcast: Race information - Europe 2016

by Christine Blachford

New races introduced to the F1 calendar of late have all had their own small controversies, and Baku is no different. The track itself however, looks to offer up a unique combination of challenges - intensely long straights, narrow streets, some incredibly twisting sections and a temporary road surface. It's going to be an unusual and difficult weekend for the drivers, which means we get to enjoy seeing them out of their comfort zone.