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No longer living a lie

Danny Watts on being a gay man in motorsport

Sidepodcast: No longer living a lie

by Mr. C

If you haven't caught it already, there is a fabulous interview on Badger GP today with Danny Watts, a racing driver, who has come out publicly as gay. There is little for us to add, except to encourage people to head on over and read the piece in full. Then read it again for good measure.

VR curious?

Immersive experiences put fans behind the wheel

Sidepodcast: VR curious?

by Mr. C

Despite being an outfit with one of the smallest budgets in Formula 1, the Sauber team provided fans with some truly innovative content last year. Although a number of constructors have previously dabbled with virtual reality in the past, the Swiss team put in a season long effort to bring their audience Formula 1 in 360 degrees.

F1 fashion week

All that's in for 2017: new shapes, new colours, new sizes

Sidepodcast: F1 fashion week

by Christine Blachford

With ten teams ready and waiting in the wings to pull the covers off their 2017 challengers, it's time for this year's launches to get underway. Ahead of pre-season testing, all ten squads will reveal their new cars within the space of seven days and this is the spot to follow all the action as it unfolds. From McLaren's new livery, to defending champions Mercedes and their many team changes, follow along with the Factbyte Factbox as we celebrate F1's 2017 launch week!

2017's free to air races include Monaco, Britain and the USA

Channel 4 confirm their chosen live events for the season

Sidepodcast: 2017's free to air races include Monaco, Britain and the USA

by Christine Blachford

The Formula One channel-share that has seen both Channel 4 and Sky Sports F1 doubling up on coverage during the 2016 season continues into the new season, as the British broadcasters embark on the second of a three-year deal. Channel 4 will then secede rights to Sky Sports who take over as exclusive rightsholders from 2019, but before that, there is still some free-to-air coverage to enjoy.

All the drivers have disappeared

What F1 can learn from the Olympics

Sidepodcast: All the drivers have disappeared

by Robyn

F1 was still facing negative headlines as the logistics teams moved everything from Canada all the way to Austria, for the second annual race at the Red Bull Ring. Mercedes were still dominant, but everyone hoped to see another chink in their armour. Austria had delivered the one non-Mercedes pole position of 2014, and fans were keen to see if that could happen again. In the end, the German team still dominated, but they weren’t completely untouchable, and just as last year, that gave others the smallest glimmer of hope for a competitive remainder of the season.

F1 Debrief - He can just write his name in the history book and walk away

Pondering Rosberg's retirement and potential replacement

Sidepodcast: F1 Debrief - He can just write his name in the history book and walk away

by Christine Blachford

It's been a while since there was some sincerely shocking F1 news that made you sit up in your seat and do a double take. With Rosberg's retirement, it's only natural we took time out to talk about it, so coming up on this show, we accept the challenge of a listener, ponder outside bets for Mercedes, and the possibility of a fabulous 2017.

Danny, the champion of the rankings

Ricciardo retains his Christine's Rankings title for second year

Sidepodcast: Danny, the champion of the rankings

by Christine Blachford

You may have thought the 2016 F1 World Championship was a fiercely contested, tense fight to the finish but the season had nothing on this year’s Christine’s Rankings competition. After 39 weeks of battle, we crowned our winner for this year’s contest – the most in-depth and accurate global ranking driver system ever produced by me! Raise a glass and applaud the 2016 Rankings champion, Daniel Ricciardo!

A recipe for the perfect championship showdown

Abu Dhabi provided an epic end to the 2016 season

Sidepodcast: A recipe for the perfect championship showdown

by Anna Duxbury

For me, Abu Dhabi had all the ingredients a season finale needed. I was fizzing with excitement long before the lights went out and I’ve not really got down from that post-championship high since. Especially since (with one notable exception) everyone seemed to have such a happy end to the year. Watching the pure unadulterated joy and relief of Nico Rosberg and family, and indeed the whole of Mercedes, was enough to put a smile on my face 3000 miles away.

I'm convinced he pays them - Christine's Rankings, Week 38

Button becomes a doctor and Rosberg retires

Sidepodcast: I'm convinced he pays them - Christine's Rankings, Week 38

by Christine Blachford

It's been a week of surprises for the Formula One world, with Nico Rosberg announcing a shock retirement that seemingly came out of nowhere. Speculation is now rife on his replacement, but in the meantime the other drivers are busy winding down for the off-season. Button is looking for his new career, which may or may not involve being a doctor of some sort, whilst Jolyon Palmer displays some surprising quiz knowledge.

Which drivers crushed the official paddock quiz this year?

F1's Grill the Grid highlights driver personalities

Sidepodcast: Which drivers crushed the official paddock quiz this year?

by Christine Blachford

For the 2016 season, Formula One Management have been publishing some excellent videos filmed in various Grand Prix paddocks. Mostly, the videos are additional content for their timing and news app, but they also release them on YouTube for the wider audience. It's a small step in the direction we want F1 to take, releasing more insight into driver personalities, but they did a really good job this year, so it's worth celebrating their efforts.

Germany drops off the official 2017 F1 calendar

Confirmed 20-date season crosses the globe

Sidepodcast: Germany drops off the official 2017 F1 calendar

by Christine Blachford

This week the FIA's World Motor Sport Council gathered together to sign off on the official sporting calendars for the coming season, and F1 in 2017 is starting to take shape. The season starts in late March and goes through to November 26th, visiting 20 venues across the globe along the way. The notable exception this year is that the German Grand Prix has dropped off the calendar after failing to come to an agreement with the sport's promoters.

I got the point, it's fine - Christine's Rankings, Week 37

Kvyat faces questions as the championship reaches a conclusion

Sidepodcast: I got the point, it's fine - Christine's Rankings, Week 37

by Christine Blachford

The 2016 F1 champion may have been decided in Abu Dhabi, but the important fight is still going on. After this, there's just one week left for our drivers to campaign to win the Christine's Rankings championship, and it is still all to play for. Daniel Ricciardo has completed a spot of dancing this week, which has elevated him into the lead, but with a few days left for pointsworthy things to happen, and all the drivers winding down for the off-season, it's anyone's guess what will happen next.

Race information - Abu Dhabi 2016

The season finale and host of the championship showdown

Sidepodcast: Race information - Abu Dhabi 2016

by Christine Blachford

It seems incredible that a season with such vast swings in the championship lead could come down to the final race of the year, but here we are. It’s Abu Dhabi, and whilst not a circuit that inspires confidence that we’ll see a classic event, tensions are running high as there’s a title on the line. It’s been a long year, and everyone is keen to see this season wrapped up but which way is it going to go? There’s only one way to find out!

How Brazil has set us up for a thrilling end to 2016

Championship goes down to the wire

Sidepodcast: How Brazil has set us up for a thrilling end to 2016

by Anna Duxbury

The rain delivered as much excitement as was promised in Brazil. With two red flags and five safety cars, Sunday’s disjointed race gave many drivers a platform to showcase their prodigious talent in the wet. Lewis Hamilton’s flawless performance from up front won him another first place finish while championship leader Nico Rosberg clung onto second place despite attempts by Max Verstappen to climb a podium step higher.

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