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Teams back to Barcelona for final week of 2015 pre-season testing

Four more days available for analysis and preparation

Sidepodcast: Teams back to Barcelona for final week of 2015 pre-season testing

by Christine Blachford

Two weeks of testing so far have given us a few signs of what the coming year might be like. Mercedes are still strong, if not untouchable. Ferrari have improved, as have Sauber who have shown surprising pace. McLaren are very much on the back foot, and are now dealing with the repercussions from Fernando Alonso's accident last week as well. The Spaniard will sit out this final week, with Kevin Magnussen taking his place.

Talking heads

A rational take on driver helmet changes

Sidepodcast: Talking heads

by Lukeh

Formula 1 seems to be in a bit of a dodgy place right now. A lot of people are talking of crisis, the teams are looking to the future way ahead instead of trying to support those struggling in the current and the ongoing discussions of costs, changes and rules continues to jump back and forth as always. Yet what seems to have sparked quite a response as of late is the news that drivers will no longer be able to switch helmet designs from race to race during the season - a decision that is so supposedly minor for so many people yet has created a heck of a response.

Game of unknowns

Join the Fantasy Grand Prix fun for 2015

Sidepodcast: Game of unknowns

by Adam Le Feuvre

The 2015 season is imminent, folks. Another 20 or so races, another bout of various controversies, poor strategy calls, iffy steward decisions probably some 'incidents' involving car number 13. And of course, Fantasy Grand Prix - the game where you get the chance to own your F1 team, hire some drivers, pick some teams and think of a name. You have to keep in budget too - you can't do a Caterham.

Standards practice

Is F1 suffering from the number of inexperienced drivers?

Sidepodcast: Standards practice

by Rob Palmer

Ask anyone what Formula One is and they will no doubt reply with the almost clichéd response; “Formula One is the only racing series in which the best drivers in the world, with the best cars go head to head on the best tracks.” However, the simple fact is that it is no longer the case. The cars are certainly the finest examples of automotive engineering to date, there is no disputing that. The tracks are also some of the most testing environments for both man and machine. People will argue that they are a bit boring, but I have an irrational soft spot for them

Second week of 2015 running gets underway in Barcelona

Follow day by day updates of pre-season testing

Sidepodcast: Second week of 2015 running gets underway in Barcelona

by Christine Blachford

With four days of testing already completed, teams have a fair idea of what challenges they are facing over the final two weeks. Moving on from Jerez, drivers will get to grips with the Barcelona circuit - a track they should know well, and will be racing on later in the year. Force India will be participating this week, after skipping the Jerez action, but they've confirmed they will be using an older version of their car.

Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season available on Kindle and iBooks

The invaluable guide to the coming season at the touch of a button

Sidepodcast: Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season available on Kindle and iBooks

by Christine Blachford

The 2015 Formula One season might seem, on the surface, an extension of 2014, settling in after a year of upheavel. But delve only slightly further and you'll find a wealth of intriguing driver movements, fascinating new partnerships, and a whole lot of development still to be done. With a twenty stop calendar, nine teams and eighteen drivers to keep track of, the Guide to the 2015 Grand Prix Season becomes the ultimate F1 fan's resource.

Alternative F1 livery designs for 2015

A more colourful, more interesting selection of cars to look at this season

Sidepodcast: Alternative F1 livery designs for 2015

by Stuart Taylor

We were hoping, with McLaren free from Mercedes (and title sponsors!) that it would jazz up its livery: perhaps its rekindled relationship with Honda would bring back its Marlboro colours; after all, Lotus were all too happy to use completely irrelevant cigarette branding for its renaissance! Some of us even hoped it would return to its roots - the dazzling orange of the Brucey days. But no: with Dennis the entirely Unmenaced in charge we got grey. And black.

Formula One 2015 Season - Before it happens!

Be the first to know how the coming season pans out

Sidepodcast: Formula One 2015 Season - Before it happens!

by Stuart Taylor

We’re all looking forward to the new Formula One season and can’t wait to see what excitement it will bring. But for those of you who just can’t wait any longer to see how it’ll play out - you’re in luck! I just so happened to be vacationing to Hill Valley and spotted a time-travelling, flying DeLorean. I know! Weird, right? I may have borrowed it and skipped ahead in time a little to report back on exactly how the 2015 season unfolds.

Not all stickers are created equal

A mathematical look at the state of sponsorship in Formula One

Sidepodcast: Not all stickers are created equal

by John O'Sullivan

As the 2015 F1 cars are launched I notice a distinct lack of sponsorship on the cars. This seems to be a continuation of last year’s slim pickings. To quantify the problem I’ve tabulated the sponsorship coverage of all the teams using the three main areas of the car; Airbox, Sidepod, Rear Wing. I have categorised the stickers into 4 types, only one of which is the elusive “Sponsor”.

Red Bull rock Jerez with psychedelic test livery

Black and white zebra look conceals RB11 updates

Sidepodcast: Red Bull rock Jerez with psychedelic test livery

by Christine Blachford

Red Bull caused a stir when they rolled out the new RB11 in Jerez, with a striking black and white interim livery intended to mask many of the updates they have made. The team have been notoriously shy over some of their more innovative designs over the years but this eye-watering paint scheme is a step up to the next level. Beneath the crazy design on the surface, the team have concealed some significant updates to the new car. Naturally, the nose is revised and lowered as per the regulations, but they've also focused on changing the shape of the car to help the power unit wherever possible.

Defending champions Mercedes roll out F1 W06

Hamilton and Rosberg unveil evolution of title winning car

Sidepodcast: Defending champions Mercedes roll out F1 W06

by Christine Blachford

Mercedes opted for the understated launch of pulling the covers off their new car in the Jerez pitlane, the morning of the first test. The car is an evolution of the dominant F1 W05 that took 16 of the 19 available victories last year, and the new version is very reminiscent of its predecessor. The nose has obviously been altered to fit with the revised regulations, but otherwise the team have been focusing on increased reliability, knowing they have the speed advantage already in hand.

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