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Selection box - Two clear sides to this argument

Zipping around the web to follow the latest debates

Sidepodcast: Selection box - Two clear sides to this argument

by Christine Blachford

The British Grand Prix weekend gave us plenty to think and talk about, with the live in London event still causing a stir, the race under-delivering give or take a couple of surprising laps towards the end, and the huge swing in the championship battle. Along with that, we've got the recent announcement that the halo is, after all, the chosen cockpit protection device to be put into practice next season. This year is nothing if not packed, so here are a few links from the past week to keep you up to speed.

A nice butcher's look, mate - Christine's Rankings, Week 18

Practicing English, playing to the crowds and losing to the competition

Sidepodcast: A nice butcher's look, mate - Christine's Rankings, Week 18

by Christine Blachford

The drivers engaged in plenty of activities to build up to the British Grand Prix, including the last-minute but well organised London Live thing. There were also events going on at Silverstone itself, particularly for Force India who live just next door, and the crowd seemed to really engage with everyone throughout the four days at the track.

Hamilton launches Hamoji

200+ stickers to brighten your conversation

Sidepodcast: Hamilton launches Hamoji

by Mr. C

Today marks the international celebration that is World Emoji Day. Fittingly, as a man with his finger on the pulse of the planet, Lewis Hamilton just launched his Hamoji sticker set. Designed to work with WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat and other popular social channels, this massive library of Hamilton expressions in sticker form are a must for any fan.

Race highlights - Britain 2017

Catch up with all the action from race day at Silverstone

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Britain 2017

by Christine Blachford

There was talk of rain pre-race but it came to nothing as the complete race distance was run without a hint of the weather getting involved. Instead it came to strategy and tyres, particularly towards the end of the race when a spot of chaos kicked off with regards to the Pirelli compounds. There were a handful of good performances today, and a couple of great ones, and it all served to keep the championship battle on course and fascinating.

Race information - Britain 2017

Silverstone plays host to the midpoint race of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Britain 2017

by Christine Blachford

There might have been some rumblings of bad news surrounding the future of the British Grand Prix, but an epic evening in London with F1 Live helped brush away any cobwebs ahead of this weekend's race. From the Austrian Grand Prix that didn't quite deliver, we head to the mid-point of the season with a race at Silverstone - the fast-paced and ever-challenging, much-loved circuit. Many of the teams have their home races here so it's going to be a weekend packed with atmosphere from start to finish.

How the bloody hell are ya? - Christine's Rankings, Week 17

Red Bull and Ricciardo make the most of their home race

Sidepodcast: How the bloody hell are ya? - Christine's Rankings, Week 17

by Christine Blachford

Daniel Ricciardo, defending champion of Christine's Rankings, is doing all he can to stamp his mark on this year's competition. It was the Red Bull team's home race this past weekend, and boy did both Daniel and Max get up to a lot of mischief. The Australian has rocketed to a solid lead in the table, but no lead is unassailable and it only takes one mis-step for everything to turn around.

Race highlights - Austria 2017

Tense start and finish bookend the race in Spielberg

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Austria 2017

by Christine Blachford

The first corner and lap of the Austrian Grand Prix tend to offer up a little bit of chaos, and it was no different today as we saw a collision or two, some great starts, some poor getaways and a handful of changes of position. Whilst the middle portion of the race didn't really kick into gear, the final ten laps or so really saw strategies make a big difference and it was a superbly close finish.

Race information - Austria 2017

Red Bull play next round hosts at Spielberg circuit

Sidepodcast: Race information - Austria 2017

by Christine Blachford

Austria has the luxury of being the track that follows Azerbaijan on the calendar: no matter what happened in Baku, we'd be looking forward to this weekend. If it had been a dull race, we'd be eagerly anticipating action on a more traditional circuit. As it happened, it was both a brilliant race and one that left us with a lot to think about, so now we're left looking forward to the Spielberg event to see what on earth can happen next.

No, no, nothing from Kimi - Christine's Rankings, Week 16

What would you get Vettel for a birthday gift?

Sidepodcast: No, no, nothing from Kimi - Christine's Rankings, Week 16

by Christine Blachford

We've been applauding the improved frequency of videos this season, but one of their old staples Grill the Grid has been providing plenty of points on the rankings in 2017. This week it's the turn of the Red Bull boys, and, as you can imagine, they have a lot of fun along the way. We've also got points for fashion this week, as well as (shock, horror) the Ferrari duo getting involved in a fun ad campaign!

Finding the next British F1 star

The search is on for a new generation of drivers

Sidepodcast: Finding the next British F1 star

by Anna Duxbury

When it comes to motorsport the Brits have a history to be proud of. From Mike Hawthorn to Lewis Hamilton this small island has always played an integral part in the Formula 1 story. With ten different British driver world champions and a total of 33 constructor championships going to British teams we have always outperformed in the motorsport arena. So it seems difficult to believe, with so much motorsport coursing in our blood, that there are only two British drivers competing in F1 in 2017.

Selection box - The thrills and spills of racing go-karts

Handpicked links from around the web on Baku drama and more

Sidepodcast: Selection box - The thrills and spills of racing go-karts

by Christine Blachford

Now, you saw it, right? The Azerbaijan Grand Prix and everything that came with it? Well, would you believe it, there are some opinions about the Vettel and Hamilton incident that need to be shared. I've got a few links to start with on that subject this week, but then we move on to other topics as it's not all about those two drivers, much as you might think it is right now.

I just want to breathe in the Baku sunshine - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

Before, after and during the surprising Azerbaijan race

Sidepodcast: I just want to breathe in the Baku sunshine - Christine's Rankings, Week 15

by Christine Blachford

With so much happening on track, it's understandable that the drivers weren't getting up to quite so much mischief in the paddock, thus it is a quieter rankings week this time out. There's still time for some juggling, and some singing, as well as a glimpse at the Force India boys in happier times - will they still be like that after what happened in Baku?

Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

Back to Baku for another twisting street circuit event

Sidepodcast: Race information - Azerbaijan 2017

by Christine Blachford

Much of the attention in recent days has been on the FIA's calendar announcement for next season, with a bumper schedule groaning at the seams. Before we get there, though, we've got the small matter of the rest of this year to finish. For the 2017 race, Baku has become the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, rather than the European race as it was last year. The street circuit didn't have the best of debuts so here's hoping there is more coming from the race this weekend.

So it's Rubens... and someone else - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

Equal second place as the competition heats up

Sidepodcast: So it's Rubens... and someone else - Christine's Rankings, Week 14

by Christine Blachford

The week between races can often be a bit slow for driver activity, but that's not the case this time out. We've got reactions from the Le Mans event, a new drink related extra-curricular activity and looking for pace even in the most mundane of places. Canada's been and gone and it's over to Baku the drivers are heading, so we'll be watching closely to see what they get up to.