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Strength, conditioning, training - Christine's Rankings, Week 10

Drivers prep for the glamorous but tricky Monaco race

Sidepodcast: Strength, conditioning, training - Christine's Rankings, Week 10

by Christine Blachford

This week's points go to drivers who have been supporting and spending time with their friends and family, as well as participating in demos, interviews and events that help promote charities and the sport itself. I haven't dished out points for the traditional Monaco football game, because there were at least 14 F1 drivers present and playing, which would dominate the graph this week!

The night race manager

A new motorsport simulation for desktop gamers

Sidepodcast: The night race manager

by Lukeh

When it comes to running an F1 team I imagine that there's quite a lot to do. First there's getting an engine to actually power your cars, and not to forget the hundreds of people that work on said engine and chassis to make them work as well as possible. There are sponsors to appease too and plenty to do with promotional work to get that sweet money in. Don't forget the babysitting of drivers too, and even more so now with social media being so important to get the fan's conspiracy theories across. Wait - the catering too! How could I possible forget about the catering?

We always sit at the front too - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

Buying karts for kids and youngsters winning races

Sidepodcast: We always sit at the front too - Christine's Rankings, Week 9

by Christine Blachford

This week, the racing was all about Max Verstappen taking home his first win - but he only gets a small mention on Christine's Rankings after posting a couple of videos on Dutch and English to say thank you. Elsewhere, Kimi Räikkönen gets his first points on the board this year after participating in a Finnish initiative to buy karts so that kids can have a go for free and see if they get a taste for this racing lack.

Race highlights - Spain 2016

More first lap chaos as records are broken in Barcelona

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Spain 2016

by Christine Blachford

The sun shone beautifully over the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya today, and 66 laps of racing where completed by almost all of the F1 drivers. A significant first lap incident took out a couple, and some engine issues hampered others, but all the attention turned to the strategy of those in front. Who was on the right tyre at the right time, and who could make their rubber last to the end?

I can't wait to heat a hot dog - Christine's Rankings, Week 7

A couple of drivers try to act with hilarious consequences

Sidepodcast: I can't wait to heat a hot dog - Christine's Rankings, Week 7

by Christine Blachford

This week, the McLaren boys finally got themselves some points on the board in Russia - and in Christine's Rankings, they've also both made great strides. That single video of them mostly just laughing has hoisted them up the rankings table but still no one can beat Daniel Ricciardo. Other points this week go to Nico Rosberg for trying his hand at a certain type of surfing, and for beating the boss at table tennis.

Race highlights - Russia 2016

First lap action brings out the safety car in Sochi

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Russia 2016

by Christine Blachford

An afternoon of racing in Russia has been completed, culminating in a somewhat predictable podium, four drivers retiring from the race, one safety car, one engine issue, and just 26 pit stops throughout the 53 laps. After first lap chaos brought out the virtual and then the actual safety car, the bunched up field spread out once again to limit the number of battles occurring on track.

Race information - Russia 2016

F1 heads back to Sochi for a spot of motor racing

Sidepodcast: Race information - Russia 2016

by Christine Blachford

The Russian Grand Prix has moved from its spot at the end of the calendar to take a more prominent position at the front of the 2016 season - this time it is the fourth round and so we're headed their next. A couple of drivers are looking forward to making their home visits count, but most watching from the outside are wary about what the Russian race can deliver after a rocky start to Sochi's F1 history.

Has Rosberg turned the corner with his early dominance?

The Mercedes title battle leans towards Nico early on

Sidepodcast: Has Rosberg turned the corner with his early dominance?

by Ewomazino Orowor

The 2016 Formula One season is three races old, and Mercedes are still the team to beat - as has been the case since 2014. Ferrari have improved and may offer a bit of competition, but Mercedes have nudged the bar higher too and still have superior raw pace in their Silver Arrows compared with the Prancing Horses - along with the rest of the cars from other teams too.

Put the kettle on here - Christine's Rankings, Week 5

Red Bull and Toro Rosso drivers take centre stage

Sidepodcast: Put the kettle on here - Christine's Rankings, Week 5

by Christine Blachford

The Chinese race gave our drivers a chance to take some time in the spotlight, particularly considering how much drama there was before, during and after the event itself! This week feels more like Red Bull and their sister team Toro Rosso have dominated things, with Daniel Ricciardo being his particularly awesome self, and all four of them getting up to things that no racing driver should experiment with (ie. being in a band).

Race information - China 2016

Get up to speed for the third round in Shanghai

Sidepodcast: Race information - China 2016

by Christine Blachford

This week, Formula One heads to Shanghai for the third stop on the 2016 calendar. We've had two action packed race weekends already and it's time for China to see if they can deliver more of the same. The qualifying format debacle has thankfully been resolved (for now), we've got our full complement of drivers fit and healthy to race again, and everyone is looking forward to getting back out on track.

Gesticulating a lot - Christine's Rankings, Week 3

Alonso and Ricciardo make great strides up the table

Sidepodcast: Gesticulating a lot - Christine's Rankings, Week 3

by Christine Blachford

The racing action continued in Bahrain this past weekend, which allowed us some more great driver interactions - with each other, with the media and with the fans. It makes up for an incredibly quiet week beforehand, and gives us a change at the top of the rankings table. This week we've got some fun and games with a Massa quiz, as well as the Toro Rosso boys trying not to punch each other, and an epic airport ride.

Race highlights - Bahrain 2016

Overtaking galore under the floodlights of Sakhir

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Bahrain 2016

by Christine Blachford

The Bahrain Grand Prix was another great event, with plenty of action from start to finish, overtaking opportunities aplenty, plus a lot of tyre strategy to keep on top of. A couple of drivers didn't even make it through the formation lap, whilst some first corner chaos added to the action. The sun gradually set to plunge the cars into a full on night race, and the sparks flew as all battled to finish in the points.

Off the grid

Pushing the boat out to change F1 for the better

Sidepodcast: Off the grid

by Lukeh

As we know Formula 1 is going through somewhat of an identity crisis right now in how it views qualifying. We seem to be stuck in an endless loop of a nothingness orchestra being composed by a cacophony of idiots at the very top, and unsurprisingly that is becoming tiresome for the fans such as ourselves to watch.

Race information - Bahrain 2016

Sakhir takes centre stage for second round of the season

Sidepodcast: Race information - Bahrain 2016

by Christine Blachford

We'd normally be talking about Malaysia at this early stage of the championship, but the Sepang circuit has taken a sojourn towards the end of the calendar, shuffling Bahrain up to second place. With just one race weekend under our belts, it's quite obvious that Mercedes are still the team to beat but there was plenty to whet our appetites from the action in Melbourne. It was a closer fight, an unpredictable weekend, and hopefully Sakhir can deliver some of the same over the next few days.