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Written by Subhayan Mukerjee

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The five greatest machines of F1

A look at some of the strongest cars that have participated in Formula One

Sidepodcast: The five greatest machines of F1

by Subhayan Mukerjee

With most of the teams having launched their challengers for the upcoming season, one wonders what path of evolution has resulted in the 700-odd bhp machines which shall line up at Melbourne come 17th March 2013. In an attempt to answer that question, here’s a look back at five of the most prominent racing cars that the Formula 1 community has seen over the six decades of its existence.

After eight - A look back at F1's sordid past

Moments that F1 would like swept under the carpet

Sidepodcast: After eight - A look back at F1's sordid past

by Subhayan Mukerjee

Ever since its conception over sixty years ago, the world of Formula 1 has been witness to several epic moments in its record littered path. While most of them have been extraordinary driver battles, breathtaking overtaking maneuvers and blitzkrieg lap times, there have been quite a number of occasions which fans look back to, and hang their heads in shame. Here are eight of the most forgettably shameful events that the highest form of motorsport could have done without.