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Written by Stuart Taylor

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How do you give a small penalty?

The stewards need more choice of sanctions in their arsenal

Sidepodcast: How do you give a small penalty?

by Stuart Taylor

One of the major problems in F1 that never really seems to get addressed is the fact that, in the middle of the race, the smallest punishment a driver can get is the race-ruining drive-through penalty. Some drivers, like Webber in Germany last year, can overcome a drive-through if they have enough of a car advantage, but often you'll see drivers plummeting down the field only to mope around the press-pen after the race, muttering about what could have been.

F1 predictions, Hockenheim

Picking out the patterns from the Formula One weekend

Sidepodcast: F1 predictions, Hockenheim

by Stuart Taylor

The beginning of the 2010 season began in much the same way as 2009: with a lot of changes and everyone unsure of which way the tides would turn. This year we were given the mouth-watering prospect of having most of the strongest drivers in the strongest teams, which made it even more predictable as we’d never seen so many people in the simultaneous position to win races and championships.