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Written by Stuart Taylor

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Sid Watkins

Paying tribute to the Professor

Sidepodcast: Sid Watkins

by Stuart Taylor

The Formula One world said goodbye to a much-loved and influential member of the fraternity, with Sid Watkins passing away at the age of 84. Here, Stuart returns to share the inside story of the best way to pay tribute to everyone's favourite Prof.

Pre-Australia updates: Sneak preview!

Our undercover reporter has found some unique team designs

Sidepodcast: Pre-Australia updates: Sneak preview!

by Stuart Taylor

So the 2012 pre-season test frenzy is over and we've all had a good look at the new cars. But if you think the cars we saw in Barcelona will be the same models we see at the first race in Melbourne, then you are naive indeed! In fact, the teams are all working endlessly back at the factories to manufacture the final development parts in order to have the best possible chassis for the season ahead.

Alternatives to F1 in 2012

How can we get around Sky's expensive broadcast package

Sidepodcast: Alternatives to F1 in 2012

by Stuart Taylor

Hey guys, did you hear that Sky have stolen our beloved F1? So now, if you don't have Sky Sports, you have to pay £20 (£30 HD) a month to keep up with the sport we know and love. I say, boo to that! I can't afford that kind of cash and neither can a bunch of you guys, I'd wager. But the Sidepodcast community is so awesome, we can't just let disband, so here are some other ideas.

Why can't they make racing cars work in the rain?

Formula One drivers struggle in the wet conditions

Sidepodcast: Why can't they make racing cars work in the rain?

by Stuart Taylor

In the last couple of Sidepodcast Debrief shows, Mr C has made a point of asking why can’t engineers/regulators make cars that work in the rain when he can drive his car perfectly fine when storms are a-brewing? Whether or not Mr C was just being cheeky, this is a probably a good time to explore the mechanics of the difficulties in racing in the rain. There will be some maths and a little bit of physics, but I’ll keep it light and we’ll all get through this together, I promise!

Formula 1 2010 in quotes

How the teams change their tune over the course of a season

Sidepodcast: Formula 1 2010 in quotes

by Stuart Taylor

Inspired by the excellent Autobiography of Formula One (a book, which, if you haven't got it already, oh my goodness you need to get it right now. Stop reading this post and get it), I have compiled together the story of the season told only in quotes from F1 personnel (and some journalists). It's a bit lengthy but doesn't take too long to read as they are only a sentence each, really. It was fun to do!