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Written by Steven Roy

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The end of qualifying?

The unintended consequences of tyre tactics on Saturday

Sidepodcast: The end of qualifying?

by Steven Roy

We all saw the advantage Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton gained from saving more sets of new soft tyres than their rivals for the race. Webber as a result of failing to get out of Q1 where he used hard tyres had the penalty of starting near the back of the grid. After starting on hard tyres which caused him initially to go backwards he was able to switch to softs and using DRS pass most of the cars in front. As other drivers ran out of new tyres he gained pace relative to them and was able to pass cars to the point where he finished on the podium.

Friday Fun - Walk on music

What theme tunes should the Formula One drivers have?

Sidepodcast: Friday Fun - Walk on music

by Steven Roy

While watching the start of the BDO World Darts Championship I couldn’t help notice the theme music that accompanies each player on to the stage. For example Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams always enters to ‘Hungry Like the Wolf.’ Of course darts is not the only sport to use walk on music. Boxing has used it for decades. So I couldn’t help but wonder what piece of music would be appropriate for each of the F1 drivers.

Thursday Thoughts - Appropriate logos and helmet lottery

An irreverant look at things that could improve Formula One

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Appropriate logos and helmet lottery

by Steven Roy

Team logos will have to properly reflect the team rather than be something drawn up by a marketing department which in their world reflects the team’s image and values. Since Ferrari has now decided it is a one driver team the prancing horse will need to have one of its back legs chopped off. Over at Red Bull the logo will be changed to show several bulls charging at each other with bulls representing the two drivers, Helmut Marko, Dietrich Mateschitz and Renault. Standing in the middle will be will be a matador with a chequered cape representing Christian Horner trying to get them all charging in the same direction. I am sure others can come up with similar logos for other teams.

Thursday Thoughts - Sending Tilke to the moon

Looking at what works and what doesn't on the F1 calendar

Sidepodcast: Thursday Thoughts - Sending Tilke to the moon

by Steven Roy

Great subject for the first Thursday Thoughts of the off season. I still think the best way to improve the tracks on the calendar is to remove Hermann Tilke from the scene. Maybe Branson can sacrifice one of his spaceships to take him to the moon and let him plan a track there. He would have a lot of work to do surveying and allowing for the lower gravity and lack of atmosphere that by the time he was finished everyone would have forgotten about him and he could be abandoned there torturing himself rather than us with his inadequate imagination.

François Cevert

A look at the history of the French F1 driver

Sidepodcast: François Cevert

by Steven Roy

François Cevert was born in Nazi occupied Paris in February 1944. He became interested in motor racing after meeting his sister’s boyfriend and future Monaco grand prix winner Jean-Pierre Beltoise. After completing two years of national service Cevert entered and won the Volant Shell competition in 1966. The prize was a sponsored season in the French formula three championship with Alpine.

Jim who?

A name in Formula One that should be remembered

Sidepodcast: Jim who?

by Steven Roy

There are people who believe that the thing that sets F1 apart from other classes of racing is technology. The theory is F1 has the best people and has always had a technological lead. Only F1 could have ever made the great breakthroughs in technology that have taken us from barely modified road cars to cars that, in theory at least, could run upside down on a ceiling.