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Written by Sam Osborne

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Fabulous prints and clever crafty bits

Making art from quotes from the famous names in Formula One

Sidepodcast: Fabulous prints and clever crafty bits

by Sam Osborne

I've always collected quotes, not F1 related necessarily, but all kinds of things and so when I went freelance in January this year I started to use those quotes to create prints to sell in my shop and at craft fairs. When I saw The Senna Movie the 'you're no longer a racing driver' quote really stood out as being particularly distinctive to Senna, but also an inspiring sentiment for all areas of life. I decided then to create a mini series of my prints based around quotes from World Champions. I quickly found lots of inspiring quotes and chose the best three to start with. I also have loads of Stirling Moss quotes, but as he was never world champion then he might have to get his very own series!