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Written by Ryan Gault

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Fantasy Racers 2009 Season

How the predicting fun went down this year

Sidepodcast: Fantasy Racers 2009 Season

by Ryan Gault

We signed up for Fantasy Racers for the second year in a row, and the Sidepodcast league was a lot of fun. After we won the trophy for best league in 2008, and were thoroughly shown up by Jordan F1 in the top spot, 2009 was all set to be even better. Both Mr and Mrs C were determined to do better than their paltry efforts last year, and you'll see how well that went for them.

Character Cup 2009

How the voting unfolded for this year's cup

Sidepodcast: Character Cup 2009

by Ryan Gault

Starting on January 31st 2009, we launched the Character Cup, which allows commenters to vote for a driver between the two set for that day. It is up to the commentator how they vote, it could be because they like a certain driver, because they think he is the best or any other system at all. Each round was set up at 7pm GMT, with voting open for 24 hours.