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Website speedtest (the sequel)

Measuring page load time once again

Sidepodcast: Website speedtest (the sequel)

by Mr. C

Digging through the archives, Christine found an old video comparison we created to compare page load times between this site and a number of others. Back in 2010 fared well against the competition with a load time of approximately three seconds. For fun we recreated the test to see if we have improved at all.

Day One - Motorsport Manager madness

Virtually hopeless in reality

Sidepodcast: Day One - Motorsport Manager madness

by Mr. C

With interest in eSports at an all time high and a brand new Formula 1 game about to launch, Sidepodcast takes to Twitch to live stream some motorsport gaming action. Beginning with a brand new season of Motorsport Manager we position ourselves on the virtual pitwall aiming to take Matrix Management to the upper echelons of racing history.

The price is rights

Selling F1 by the pound

Sidepodcast: The price is rights

by Mr. C

Do you know what television will look like in 2024? Could you say for certain how the general populous will choose to consume their media eight long years from now? Can you predict the path of live streaming technology or media trends nearly a decade away?

Up for promotion

A new means of sharing audio content

Sidepodcast: Up for promotion

by Mr. C

One of the trickiest challenges we've long struggled with at Sidepodcast HQ, is the promotion of feature length podcasts in the social media era. With shows averaging an hour in length and no logical means of splitting them up, audio remains a tricky medium to generate buzz around.

Captain scarlett

Recording shows on the move

Sidepodcast: Captain scarlett

by Mr. C

After many years of mostly average service, our much maligned audio recording interface finally stopped functioning. A modest software upgrade rendered its ageing connections obsolete and it became clear to all, we had to move on.

An unplanned gap year

Dealing with a self-imposed stop and go

Sidepodcast: An unplanned gap year

by Mr. C

Just days from the start of a brand new F1 season, it has become unquestionably clear that the two of us are not remotely ready for race one. Wildly unprepared and massively behind schedule, I cannot foresee any way we could competently cover the opening Grand Prix. It's time to take a break.

Faster for the feed of sound

Updating the backbone of podcasting

Sidepodcast: Faster for the feed of sound

by Mr. C

In preparation the 2015 season, we've spent a little time tweaking our behind-the-scenes website code. One subtle but important change made since last year relates to the way we're handling news and podcast feeds. Admittedly the finer detail of processing syndication updates is about the last thing most F1 fans will want to read about less than a week before the first track action of the year, but timing was never our strong point.

The genuine article

Can F1's worst news abuser clean up its act?

Sidepodcast: The genuine article

by Mr. C

Arguably one of the biggest shocks during the past few months of Formula One downtime was unrelated to anything a driver or a team has said or done. Back in February the F1 editor of one of motosport's biggest online brands dropped a media bombshell and announced he would be leaving Autosport in May. Jonathan Noble decided to follow several of his colleagues to rival website

Talkin' bout a revolution

Moving F1 interviews outside the circuit

Sidepodcast: Talkin' bout a revolution

by Mr. C

Ferrari's new man in charge Maurizio Arrivabene may have only been in the hot seat for five minutes, but he has already managed to make an impression. This week Arrivabene tabled one of the best suggestions for an improvement to Formula One I've heard in years. Cynics will no doubt already be listing out all the reasons why his suggestion is untenable, for the moment at least I want to believe.

Team standings - Canada 2014

Red Bull put a stop to Mercedes domination

Sidepodcast: Team standings - Canada 2014

by Mr. C

At last a team other than Mercedes managed to win a race this year and it was defending champions Red Bull who took the honours. The promise of full power from Renault, plus a minor misstep on the part of Mercedes positioned the soft drinks team on the top step. A first and a third for Red Bull has enabled the gap at the top to close for the first time this year.

Race results - Canada 2014

Ricciardo gets the better of Mercedes

Sidepodcast: Race results - Canada 2014

by Mr. C

Just when it looked like Mercedes were unbeatable this season, their two cars ran into power problems which offered Daniel Ricciardo just enough incentive to go for gold. The Australian did exactly that, scoring his debut F1 win in front of a joyously packed Canadian house.

Race highlights - Canada 2014

Lap-by-lap live text coverage of an amazing race

Sidepodcast: Race highlights - Canada 2014

by Mr. C

The Canadian Grand Prix promised a lot, yet delivered even more. There was drama from the first corner of the first lap, until the first corner of the last lap. Reliability was the watchword of the day as the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve proved ultimate test for teams who very recently believed they had conquered early season problems.

Qualifying results - Canada 2014

Rosberg makes it two poles in a row

Sidepodcast: Qualifying results - Canada 2014

by Mr. C

You could have bet the farm on Lewis Hamilton bagging pole position on Saturday in Canada. The Mercedes driver has put distance between himself and his rivals in all but one practice session this weekend, it is a circuit he always goes well at and he was visibly keen to put the frustration of second place in Monaco firmly behind him. Yet against all odds it was Hamilton's team mate Nico Rosberg that took first blood around the tight and bumping Montreal race track.