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Written by Lady Snowcat

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At home with the Iceman

Kimi Räikkönen heads to Finland for some more rallying action

Sidepodcast: At home with the Iceman

by Lady Snowcat

Somehow I never expected Finland to be hot. But it was steamy hot on the day we arrived and only got hotter until shakedown, which took place on the hottest day the country had ever known. It was totally weird to have Middle Eastern temperatures in such a green land. I was very glad of the shades, sunhat and sun cream, I consigned the fleece to the suitcase and wondered what had prompted me to take it at all!

Heat, dust and a little ice please

Kimi Räikkönen's next rally in the heat of Jordan

Sidepodcast: Heat, dust and a little ice please

by Lady Snowcat

Madness comes in many forms, not least when I decided to pay a trip at Easter to some truly biblical sites in the heat and dust of Jordan. Oh, and there was a rally on as well. I didn't need asking twice, and no sooner had the possibility of the trip come up than I'd checked the flights out of Heathrow and started to buy a more suitable wardrobe than the snowboots and thermals dictated by rally watching in Sweden.